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Once Upon a Time

It was a Valentine’s Day long ago, seven years to be exact. I happened to find myself at the mall shopping for new foundation garments. Pushing the 3-year-old Very Little Princess in a stroller, I made my way into Victoria’s Secret. It was chock-a-block with harried looking male customers who, given that the hour was approaching 5 p.m., had clearly left their Valentine’s shopping to the last minute.

After choosing some new underpinnings, we lined up to pay for our selections. Very Little Princess began looking around. We had been shopping in the garden variety cotton undies section of the store, but the items displayed near the cash register were somewhat more, shall we say, exotic.

Very Little Princess caught sight of a brassiere that intrigued her.

At the top of her lungs she cried, “Mommy, look at those bee-yoo-tee-ful BREASTS!!!”

The already uncomfortable men standing in line looked studiously away from us.

Valentine_clip_artHappy Valentine’s Day!!

10 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time”

  1. howling with laughter!
    Happy Friends’ Day. You’ve become very precious to me you know. Thank you for all your love 🙂

  2. Lovely story! I’ve joined team revgal. Great! Are we the only ones are are there more? Someday I’ll attempt the clapotis… how’s it going?

  3. Jane Dark, she will be 11 in June.
    Christine, Emily at Hazelnut Reflections and Jane Ellen at Hoosier Musings are the rest of the team! The Clapotis is coming along. I am going to take a picture tonight and hope to post it later.

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