A Valentine Riddle

I knew when he left that the present was somewhere.

You see, when you go away, many states away, and it’s just two days before Valentine’s Day, and you’re going to be gone longer than ever before for work, it’s a good idea to buy your wife a present.

I didn’t look for it. I was patient. Word came that a message directing me to the gift would reach me on the day in question.

All day long I waited for an e-mail or a phone call. Finally it came. And it was…a riddle.

My love is a Riddler. (He is also a Punster, but we may forgive him for it.)

As is typical, I looked at the riddle and feared I would never solve it. For some reason, riddles bring out all my fears of failure.

But I stuck with it.

Here is the riddle:

For a time it held my world
And was a close companion to a heart borne unknowing.
Now it holds the token of the bond between us.
A solitary link in the sweet chain of surrender.
As the patient heart before it, it dwells in darkness
Waiting for the coming of the blessed light.

The Princess and I read it over and over again. #2 Son had a look, too. Meanwhile we IM’d with the author of the riddle, who gave no hints but suggested the brood could be my lifeline.

They were no help at all.

“For a time it held my world, for a time it held my world.” I roamed the house, hoping for some revelation.

#2 Son offered, “It’s obviously somewhere in the dark.” (Yes, I got that much.)

The Princess opined, “Mom, you’re the blessed light!!!” (Mom blushes.)

Suddenly I know just where it is: it’s in his backpack. Out in the garage. Which has no lights. I grab a flashlight and head out the back door.

The latch on the gate is frozen.

I go back into the house, out the front door and around by the driveway, trudging through what is left of Sunday’s snow. I hope the garage door isn’t frozen!!

It opens.

There on a nail hangs the backpack. I lift if off the nail and look inside. Down at the bottom I find a charming little red bag. It holds a box from a local jewelry store, and inside is a beautiful sterling bangle.

I love it.

Thank you, Valentine.


19 thoughts on “A Valentine Riddle”

  1. Later he told me his inspiration came while eating at Pizza Hut. He got up, meaning to go out to the car and get a pencil. Apparently the staff thought he might be skipping out on his meal and bill. Clearly they do not understand the man’s relationship with the Pizza Hut breadsticks.

  2. Ooh! Ooh! I caught the backpack thing right away! The rest I was lost, but I thought, “held me world, he’s a thru hiker…” I’m just so dang pleased with myself.
    I must go update my resume to include this.

  3. Have you seen the commercial where the guy’s giving his girl a diamond valentine gift as they sit in the restaurant. In the background another fellow sits with his fellow. As the first opens the box and the girl expresses surprised joy, the fellow in the background, wads his napkin and exclaims “Oh, great!!”, as his girl looks back at him.
    Tell him thanks for showing us up.

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