RevGal Friday Five: So Long, Farewell

This is the Friday Five I invented for the RevGalBlogPals blog, but you certainly don’t have to be one to play it.

On Sunday, my husband leaves for a two-month job out of state. In honor of his departure, I give you the “So Long, Farewell” Friday Five.

1. How do you say goodbye to someone you will see again soon?

My family usually hears, “Bye, honey! Love you!” I say “honey” and “love you” a lot. The Princess recently asked if I could differentiate and call her something other than “honey.”
Apparently it’s confusing. I explained that I can’t help myself.

2. What is your favorite foreign word for “goodbye?”

“Au revoir”

3. Have you ever planned a special farewell for someone, or had one planned for you?

One time Pure Luck left for a job, he was noteworthily unexpressive in verbal terms in the days before his departure. He was leaving on a Sunday, and we went out to lunch with the kids after church. We met at the restaurant in two cars, as he planned to drive off from there. After lunch, I was feeling sad and wishing there were a better opportunity for a sendoff than a quick goodbye in the Applebee’s parking lot. He, meanwhile, had been planning to plant quite the kiss on me, whisper something sweet and then press into my hand…a warm fuzzy. The Princess and I had come home from church camp with several, and had passed them back and forth. He had been saving one to give to me. I kept it on my dashboard while he was away.

4. What is the hardest goodbye you have had to say?
Pure Luck was thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I had been out to see him a few times, but as he got further away, heading toward Georgia, the time for the last trail visit had come. And I wasn’t sure this new relationship would continue when he returned. I was pretty crazy about him; saying goodbye was very sad for me.

5. What is the most romantic goodbye you have seen in a movie?
Why did I ask this question? I must have had something in mind.
Let’s see.
This may sound odd, but I think it’s the deathbed goodbye between Anna and the King in “The King and I.”

Solong1a1And a Bonus question for Musical Theatre geeks: Which Von Trapp child would you like to be in “So Long, Farewell?”
Brigitta: “I’m glad to go, I cannot tell a li-ie!” Brigitta rocks. Brigitta
Also, she’s Penny Robinson. Penny

4 thoughts on “RevGal Friday Five: So Long, Farewell”

  1. Not sure I’ve got much to contribute to the meme (though I promise to try) but this is a special Friday hug as you deal with that horrible feeling of a goodbye looming over your weekend.
    Oh..and in case I don’t get round to it, may I be Liesel.
    “I’d like to stay and taste my first champagne”…

  2. 1. Depends. “‘Bye, sweetie.” Or, sometimes, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.” Yes, I am very mature.
    2. “Auf weidersehen, baby.” You have to say it like Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles.
    3. There was a special farewell lunch planned for me by my bosses when I was leaving to go off to law school, but I came down with some hideous mono-like disease and had to miss my own fabulous send off!
    4. Goodbye to my mom when she was dying. I’m not sure I managed it properly.
    5. I cannot think of a thing. Could it be that I don’t see romantic movies? Hmm. I’m sure something will come to me a few days from now.
    And stop taking all the good characters, you guys! If I can’t be Leisl or Brigitta, I’ll be the cute little one, Gretl.

  3. I hate everything about goodbyes. I am bad at them, even simple goodbyes.
    I don’t even go to convocation because I hate saying goodbye to my students. And I will keep friends on the phone forever rather than actually say goodbye ….

  4. jo(e), I’m not even good at saying goodnight. And The Princess is the same way. When Pure Luck is away, she will come in to sleep with me and keep talking until I am asleep. I realize I do the same thing to P.L. when he’s at home.

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