The Wrong View

EarthWe recently downloaded Google Earth onto our computers. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a wonderful toy. It opens with a picture of the globe. You either click on the area you want to explore, or you type in the place you are seeking, and instead of just flipping to a new screen, the program moves you closer and closer until you reach the location. It feels like bodysurfing, or landing a plane. If you type in your own street address it will bring you close to your neighborhood, in an aerial view.

One of the options available is to change the view by tilting it, which ought to bring you to ground level. But when you do it, you discover that the picture isn’t as three-dimensional as the movement of the program would suggest.

Sometimes we take the wrong view. We expect one thing and we get another. We ask for one thing and receive something completely different. We envision a result and find others just don’t go along with our plans.

Sometimes people take the wrong view of us. Maybe they are just determined to have the truth be whatever they think it is, and they cannot really see us. They tilt the view until we are flat and unrecognizable, until we are so completely not ourselves that they can project whatever they want to see onto the platform they have created.

Sometimes we do that to other people, too.

Flat Church (aka Small Church, in the view of Google Earth)