My First Text Message Ever

So there I am, sitting on the couch, minding my own business, absently reading blogs and half-watching my TV boyfriend, Keith Olbermann, when suddenly I hear a little tune, never heard before within the walls of my house. I hop up and follow the quasi-musical sounds to the kitchen, where my adorable pink cell phone is nestled all snug in my bag, singing its heart out to let me know someone is trying to reach me.

I have received a text message!! Well, actually three of them!!! From an unfamiliar phone number in my area code!!!!!

Here, in order and in their entirety, are the messages:

6 on neu con nghi trang la ban thi
6 hua bao gio trang lam dung buon chuyen gi nhung
6 Dung dang ly trang goi cho dung nhung biet

Now either my phone is speaking in tongues, or I have just received an encoded message from Lord Peter Wimsey and Miss Harriet Vane, or this was a very wrong number.

WimseyI’m going on the second theory. Wasn’t it in Have His Carcase that they solved all those ciphers?

18 thoughts on “My First Text Message Ever”

  1. Asian, maybe? Only if Significant Other was here! The One-Who-Diciphers-All-Things-Asian could probably tell you the meaning. I’ll shoot it over to him, see what he thinks.

  2. grin 🙂
    If it’s tongues the interpretation is
    i) honey I’m running late – can you go to the store please
    ii) I forgot to say that we need chicken and don’t forget the thai sauce – the red lid one
    iii) if I’m not home when you get in could you start fixing it – love you
    (and later on hungry couple)
    Didn’t you get my messages? Ok! Put your coat on – we’re going out for dinner!
    be blessed 🙂

  3. Looks like Vietnamese to me. I got one like that once.
    Usually my only text messages are from Verizon telling me to update my phone!
    I don’t understand the appeal of text messaging, given the tedious process of typing the text on a phone keyboard.

  4. See, I was predicting one of your sons texted you. I was in the doctor’s waiting room when a woman got a text. She, too,had never gotten one, and I helped her figure it out. She looked at it and it was her college son just texting to say, “I love you mom.” and she bawled and bawled. (I’m suspecting her doctor’s meeting wasn’t as routine as mine.) Perhaps the texter was somebody else’s son writing to say “I love you mom.” That’s what I’m going with.

  5. I think that the “6” before each of the three messages is somehow significant. Uh oh, that makes 666! Vietnamese mark of the beast!

  6. QG is right, it is Vietnamese. Unfortunately, that’s one of the languages Significant Other doesn’t speak, so no translation. I wonder what it actually does say?

  7. I don’t understand the appeal of text messaging, given the tedious process of typing the text on a phone keyboard.
    In Europe texting is done all the time. It’s significantly cheaper than making a call. DD has 1000 texts included in her monthly bill – we don’t have ‘free speaking time’ or whatever you call it here, you see.
    and in Finland there are more mobile phones than people – well it is the home of Nokia (grin)

  8. Hi, pk. I had tried that one and found the one word aspect meant I couldn’t figure out anything! there are apparently many subtleties involved.
    What’s your favorite Sayers? I love, love, love Gaudy Night.
    Surely someone out there can help us with the Vietnamese?

  9. It was that one. There is a chapter entitled “The Evidence of the Cipher.” I’d like to read it again, too. Maybe during summer vacation. I don’t seem to be finding much reading time these days! I own all the Peter Wimsey books that have Harriet Vane. I even bought the book Jill Paton Walsh wrote about them, although I’m not sure that was a good idea.

  10. No help on Vietnamese, but I LOVE texting and promise to send texts to all of you if I do actually get to the States. I love that, like emails, you can connect with someone and if it’s a bad time they don’t need to respond then and there. I love that my friend may choose to send me a text hug from the London Eye, or I can text music exam blessings to my two boys from the Rialto. Heck, I just think it’s a great medium 😉
    Come and do a Peter Wimsey trail round Oxford and stay here..any or all of you.. PLEASE! xx

  11. Oh yes, yes, yes!
    BTW, you can buy the Harriet Vane / Lord Peter TV series as a boxed set now. I got Daughter addicted to Lord Peter when I did… Wish they’d put out the whole series, instead of just those three eps w/ Harriet.
    I haven’t given Daughter any of the books, tho, b/c she’s only 11 and I’m not sure I want to go into a discussion of the moral implications in some of the murders, nor WTF “shell-shock” is. BTW, you have read Busman’s Honeymoon and Thrones, Dominations, haven’t you? How many of us can make a fortune by writing about our dream man, eh?
    There’s only one thing that disturbs my enjoyment of Lord Peter: the person that introduced me to him, my SIL’s ex-husband. He’s an ex for an extremely ugly reason. But I still have to agree with him; he handed me The Nine Tailors and said, “This is the perfect mystery story.”

  12. C.O., I just added them to my Netflix queue. I look forward to seeing them again. Good knitting TV, I’m guessing. And probably I was knitting when I first watched them so many years ago.
    I’ve read them all, but I don’t own the non-Harriet Vane titles. I think I borrowed them from the library. I’ll have to remedy that soon!

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