It’s that Five Meme. Please feel free to use it as a procrastination tool.

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1. Overread
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1. cheesehead
2. jo(e)
3. St. Casserole
4. juniper68
5. will smama

What were you doing 10 years ago?

February, 1996? Dog-paddling weakly at the edge of a whirlpool. Too much Zoloft for postpartum depression had recently made me a little too sure that I knew how to solve the world’s problems, and therefore convinced that I no longer needed to take it. While it was probably not the best of meds for me, suddenly stopping with no supervision would lead to what was, in essence, a breakdown by the end of March. In February I was trying very hard to prove to myself and the world that there was nothing wrong. It was a lie.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Unpacking and putting together the elliptical machine, and hauling my out-of-shape body onto it, struggling for 12 minutes at the lowest possible level of resistance, then lying down on the floor.
(Yesterday I used it for 47 minutes!! My legs were very tired, but I feel so much better than a year ago.)

Five snacks you enjoy

1. ice cream
2. Cape Cod Veggie Chips
3. pistachios
4. apples, sliced into sections
5. cashews

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics

1. The score of “1776”
2. Ditto “My Fair Lady”
3. Also “The Sound of Music”
4. Changing the subject, “Amazing Grace”
5. “Joy to the World,” by which I mean the one by Three Dog Night

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire

1. Give some of it away.
2. Buy a vacation home near some mountains and a lake with a huge, secured area for the dogs.
3. College funds.
4. Give some more away.
5. Buy the really pretty bracelet I saw yesterday. It was made of white gold, with yellow gold at the tips, a cuff that twisted. So pretty. I don’t usually care about such things, but I really, really liked it. Yet I know it’s more than I would want anyone to spend on me under normal circumstances. So, if I were a millionaire…

Five bad habits

1. Blaming myself.
2. Leaving lights on.
3. Pulling out of the driveway before I put on my seatbelt.
4. Giving the dogs a cookie just for going out the back door. (At least I make them sit. Usually.)
5. Returning videos late.

Five things you like doing
1. blogging
2. reading
3. knitting
4. blogger meet-ups
5. shopping with The Princess for just about anything girly

Five things you would never wear again

1. Fluffy or sparkly ponytail scrunchies.
2. Bras with underwire that pinches.
3. Stirrup Pants
4. My old glasses
5. Anything that might get me onto “What Not to Wear.” Those people are mean!!

Five favorite toys

1. iPod Nano—so cute! But the ear buds hurt my ears. What can I do?
2. Netflix!! (see above for the need)
3. coffee bean grinder (thank you, St. C!!)
4. adorable tape measure that looks like a little sheep
5. bunny-shaped aromatic heated-up thing for any part of my sore, middle-aged body

7 thoughts on “Tagged!”

  1. Sit down, John! For God’s sake, John, sit down!
    Yeah, it didn’t occur to me, but I could probably sing the entire score of 1776, too. Shall we sing it while we go out for ice cream?
    Can you use regular earphones with your iPod Nano? It won’t look as cool, but you could probably live with that.

  2. I think I’ll have to if I want to use it much at all. Bummer. But I really haven’t figured out *when* to use it, anyway. When do grown-up people wear them? I may just be too old. If I still don’t find myself using it when #1 Son comes home for Spring Break, I’ll give it to him. He must be the only college student in America without one.

  3. I will sing 1776 along with you.
    Oh, and stirrup pants! Gack. I had forgotten they existed, and I remember, at one time, adoring them. Terrible.

  4. cheesehead, that’s easy for you to say, since your sermon is finished!!
    Jane Dark, I’m sure they looked better on you then they ever did on me. They did scary things to short, plump women.

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