Short Takes from a Chilly Day

Take One:

It is early morning. Picture our heroine folding her clean laundry and putting it away, meanwhile making a pile of her socks to sort when all else was arranged properly. Picture our heroine reaching out for the cute little sock with the Bernese Mountain Dogs on it, adorable Bernese Mountain Dogs who are performing agility-related maneuvers. Picture our heroine recoiling in horror at the discovery that the adorable dogs are sodden with the revolting and repulsive pee of the cat.

(Would you like a candy heart? As seen at Jane Dark’s.)

Take Two:
The United Church of Christ has some new insurance forms for churches to submit. They mail a packet on Jan. 13th and demand the return of the forms by Jan. 27th. Bear in mind that the 13th was the Friday before a three-day weekend. We are about 8 or 9 states away from the mailing point and received the packet on the 18th, as I recall. How much time do you suppose this left churches on the opposite coast from the mailing point?

I was reminded by the local insurance rep last Wednesday, the 25th, that the forms needed to be in by Friday, the 27th. That’s hilarious, isn’t it? Considering I hadn’t even read the letter at that point (small matters such as the Annual Meeting having intervened), it wasn’t so much a reminder as an intervention. Of course, then I was home with a sick Princess for two days. Did I think about the forms? Surely you jest.

Today I sat down to fill them out. They were worded in the oddest sorts of ways. I called in to ask a question. The person on the other end of the phone essentially told me to Drop Dead. She refused to put me through to anyone who could answer a question. “Since it was due last Friday, just do the best you can and fax it today.” Thanks a lot. I think I’ll be writing a letter to the UCC Insurance Board to ask whether they think this is a good way to keep churches in the system. There are other companies that might be inclined to give us better customer service. I get letters from them almost every day.

Also, I really enjoyed my trip to Staples to fax the darn thing. Because, guess what?!?!! Little churches don’t come complete with fax machines, and neither do their pastors. What was the name of that company offering us insurance at a better rate?

(That wasn’t really short, but I don’t care.)

Take Three:

After the fax, The Princess and I went to Pet Quarters, in search of Nature’s Miracle. I bought a gallon of the kind that is specifically for cat troubles. It cost $29.99. The directions told me to saturate my soiled clothes with the stuff. The cost of this major-league peeing event: $20 (two-thirds of the gallon bottle), a few new grey hairs, and the humiliation of revealing my cat-parenting failures to two young clerks. We have now moved on to “wash normally.” I’ll let you know how it all turns out…

Take Four:
A Happier Hiking Day

It’s 27 degrees Farenheit here in City By the Sea, and it’s dark. Too dark. Pure Luck has gone for a walk. Never mind that there is snow covered with ice all over the place. The Senate voted to end debate. He needs to work it off and walking is the only way. There could, of course, be worse ways to do it. I’ll try not to worry about the possibilities for slippage out there.

Take Five:
Why am I bothering telling you all these things? Because I really ought to be writing three more reflections for the RevGalBlogPals’ devotional book, due today. Adding the images really made the time go by. Thanks for playing along with this round of Procrastination.

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  1. LOVE YOU Songbird!
    I’m here in mid procrastination with only one more devotional to write…
    Let me know if the magic anti cat stuff works…it might be yet another good reason for doing that placement in the USA!

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