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RevGal Friday Five: Winter Reading

Every year at Christmas, I look forward to new books. I’ve already enjoyed a few and still have more on the bedside table to carry me through the winter. Here, then, are five questions about Winter Reading.

1. If you received books as holiday presents, how many and what were they?
It was a disappointing year on the book front, as I had hinted about several titles, which family members sought, but did not find. #1 Son found a book that I am very much looking forward to reading about Paul, which is pictured in the sidebar.

2. Did you buy any for yourself, and if so what are the titles?
I took my Christmas check from the church’s nursery school to the bookstore! I came away with the other books in my sidebar.

3. Have you read any of them yet? What’s next on your list?
I’ve been enjoying both books of poetry (Heaney and Oliver). #1 Son loaned me Son of a Witch, by Gregory Maguire, and that’s going to leapfrog over the other fiction to be read first, so we can talk about it.

4. Do you have a favorite place to read a new book? And does the weather have an impact on that choice?

I like to read on the living room couch. Whatever the weather, I like my legs covered if I’m lying down to read. We have a fleece throw on the couch for that purpose. The problem with reading there is the potential for interruption, so I’m often found reading in bed (see below.)


5. Does reading in bed make you sleepy?

Yes. But I do read there. I probably read better there, in fact, since it is quieter, right up until the moment I fall asleep.

This meme is for everyone; no need to be a RevGalBlogPal to play. Leave a note here in the comments and I will come and read your answers!

6 thoughts on “RevGal Friday Five: Winter Reading”

  1. I also have the Wenham book on Paul in my To-Be-Read pile (which is beginning to take on Babel-like proportions…). If you read it before I do, tell me about it! And I’ll do the same!

  2. I love the picture of Piglet!
    What is it about having a blanket over the legs while reading? In the summer, I’ve been known to put the fan on just to I can have a blanket on to read. Go figure.

  3. This entry really struck me because I received two (count’em–2!) Amazon gift certificates for Christmas. I ordered eight or ten books–a veritable bonanza that wiped clean the list of “books to buy” in my purse–on New Year’s Eve. And they still haven’t arrived! Amazon just finally admitted they were lost in the mail, so I should have them all in a couple days. It’s been killing me, but, fortunately, I received some actual books I could put my greedy hands on immediately on Christmas, too. I’ve already read “The Known World,” “Case Histories,” and “The Devil in the White City.” I’ve started the brief “The Member of the Wedding” to tide me over til my long-awaited delivery. I also received “A Million Little Pieces.” I was resistant before the controversy; I’m more so now.
    Hmmm…I took a lot of room just answer two of the questions. Guess I’ll quit here!

  4. Oh, go on, take up as much space as you like.
    It’s too bad for James Frey that he had never heard of the category “Creative Non-fiction.”

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