Knit Without Ceasing

So many projects, so little time

Completed in this New Year:

One scarf made of ribbon yarn, a project that was great fun. The colorway was “Copper Penny;” it stayed behind on the Gulf Coast.

One scarf made of Mode Dea Ticker Tape, in the “Monet” colorway. This one I carried on the plane home and hung around The Princess’ neck soon after I got home.

On the needles:

One prayer shawl — about a third complete

One baby blanket — at least halfway there, perhaps two-thirds (I’d show you a picture, but it’s for someone we know…)

One Lenten stole, a gift for a friend — the stole is finished, but I am trying to somehow embroider a cross on each end, something I haven’t tried before. It wasn’t a good pattern for carrying yarn behind. (ditto, pictures later)

On my mind:

The Knitting Olympics — I’m finally going to attempt a Clapotis. I bought some lovely yarn at Quarterstitch in New Orleans, and this is the way I want to use it…I think.

Sockapalooza — I’m a rank beginner at sock knitting. I have made one pair, and they didn’t come out well. This will be a challenge!

A sleeveless turtleneck to wear under my new and fabulous jacket, purchased in Mississippi; yarn yet to be purchased.

What’s on your knitting/crafting mind?

10 thoughts on “So many projects, so little time”

  1. I’m stalled. I have three things on the needles (2 scarves, one hat) and too darn tired with my new job to attend to it. I’m hoping that I’ll adjust soon and find a way to work it in.

  2. Just returned to knitting after at least a 15 year gap, and never very expert…I’m just about finished the Dr Who scarf for LoudBoy…very intrigued at the thought of a knitted stole. May we have a picture, please? I’d love to see if that’s something I could try.
    It all sounds lovely 🙂

  3. I’ve got a scarf going (nothing too exiting) – it’s a beginner project. I spent the better part of our vacation ripping it out, but I am now back to using ‘fresh’ yarn.
    At Presbytery a woman gave a presentation about prayer shawls and the gathering of people who make them. I am wondering if someone in my congregation would be moved to lead this effort. The prayer shawl we received after our loss meant so much.

  4. Racing to finish a scarf for the Red Scarf Project before tomorrow’s deadline. There is also a Fair Isle hat I want to get back to, my second Jaywalker to finish, my Knitting Olympics project to swatch for, and some gloves I want to make.
    There are never enough hours in the day.

  5. Yay, fellow Olympian! 🙂
    Currently, though, I am racing through a scarf that is going to be a belated gift in response to a friend’s belated gift that I wasn’t expecting. (Embarassing.)

  6. Rana, did you just win some beautiful purple boucle? (Doesn’t that word look silly without the accent mark?) If so, lucky duck!!
    will smama, I guess I’m the point person for our Shawl Ministry. At this point, I’m sure someone else could take it over, but the people who are most involved also have other volunteer jobs at church (Treasurer, for instance!), so I haven’t asked.
    Oh, Ruth, swatching. That’s so disciplined!

  7. I’m stalled! In fact I left for California without any projects thanks to a last-minute adventure as we were packing to leave.
    I do have projects in mind: the turtleneck shrug for the Olympics, the FLAK sweater, and a lengthwise garter stitch scarf from a Peace Fleece kit.

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