A few quick questions

…because I have a breakfast meeting at 8…

*If you never got to the bottom of the comments for “On a Lighter Note,” please take a look at Rana’s addition to it. Any more ideas?

*I didn’t get around to making a New Year’s Resolution until yesterday, the day most people were giving them up. As I confessed in St. Casserole’s comments:

My resolution is to stop using the laptop in the kitchen…The worst thing is, I pull stuff out of my work bag, and it starts to pile up on the kitchen table, until a cat walks across it and maybe knocks it over, and everything in the pile falls onto a chair or the floor and makes a big–well, you get the picture. The kitchen table, at this moment in time, is a hazard zone.

The big issue is that I bring work home and find myself thinking work thoughts when I really need to be thinking mom thoughts, especially at breakfast. Also the pile.

Are you resolving to do anything in this New Year? How’s it going?

*This isn’t a resolution, more an invitation. Pure Luck would really like me to join him in hiking Mount Chocorua, where we got married, sometime this summer/early fall. He would like me to do it without dropping dead. I am in agreement that not dying on the way up would be best. It’s a little early in the season for hiking smaller mountains, so I’m committed to using the elliptical, which had been pining for me the past few months. How many revolutions of the elliptical do you think are equivalent to climbing a 3500 foot mountain? (I’m up to 1450 in 35 minutes.)

The trick is deciding to exercise in the evening. I used to do it first thing in the morning, but since I suffer from that newly famous condition, morning grogginess, it didn’t go too smoothly. It took too long to get started, and I would be fussing at the kids while they were getting ready for school. Now my only problem is mustering the energy to shower…

If you’re working on the exercise thing, what kind are you doing?

*The exercise is seriously cutting into my knitting time.

Do you think it’s possible to drive and knit at the same time?

12 thoughts on “A few quick questions”

  1. The problem with exercise is that it’s boring and you can’t read (or knit) or blog, or quilt or do something INTERESTING at the same time. Watching TV while exercising isn’t interesting, IMHO.
    So the only time I exercise is when my neighbor will go with me for a walk around the neighborhood –about 3 miles.

  2. Last night I watched “24” while working out; it is my new TV addiction. It’s quite suspenseful, and it kept me going. Anything good on tonight?

  3. I’m not touching that “boob” thing again with a ten foot pole. (No matter what Gord says.)
    I like Boston Legal. I think its on Tuesdays. But I know not everyone digs Spader and Shatner on one screen quite the way I do!
    (Denny Crane!)
    And I don’t own a laptop. That means I should be thinking work thoughts only in the lovely home office I share with OEH; it rarely works out that way.

  4. I do Jazzercise (sometimes!) and the instructors are so funny, they are like comedians. Of course, can’t knit & do that too.
    I also walk on the treadmill at lunchtime sometimes and watch “Judging Amy” which is on TBS two times from 11-1 CST. I am addicted to Judging Amy. And hey, sometimes you get to see Tyne Daly knitting on that show!
    I had made a vow as I approached my 40th birthday that I would be in my best shape EVER for 40! Guess what, this has been my WORST year ever for working out regularly.
    So, no more vows. I’m just going to try to do SOMETHING every day!
    Good luck with the elliptical.

  5. I too have an elliptical trainer that is calling my name and I am willing to do it, but can’t figure out the timing. Is it fair for me to come home from work and then go exercise instead of spend time with our child a) for all the Mommy reasons and b) so Daddy can get a break.
    My other issue is that I cannot exercise if I have a meeting within the next three hours because my face gets so intensely RED.

  6. For me, it’s the shower timing that causes trouble. I have very, very sensitive skin. I can’t shower twice in a day. And at this time of year, living here in Winterland, I wouldn’t even shower every day. Is that TMI? Anyway, it’s a factor.
    will smama, can you use it after the boy is in bed? I thought I would be too tired, but I am really liking the evening exercise.

  7. Exercise. Hate it. I do use my elliptical 20 minutes a day during the week, and I figure housecleaning (even the way I do it) is a sort of exercise. Could you do two 15-minute stints? Might not sweat you up, and you’d get your 30 minutes in. Books on tape might solve the boredom problem…

  8. I guess I always feel like whatever exercise I do is so wimpy compared to what Pure Luck does, it hardly seems worth it.

  9. I’ve been going to curves which is fast and pretty easy and extreeeemly low attitude. And I think I’m getting stronger as a result – DH does too! (FYI – I like that the local one is woman owned, HOWEVER the politics of the national organization are questionable in the extreme, so I’m always trying to decide if I will quit. )

  10. Jennifer,what’s up with Curves at the national level? I’m afraid I don’t know about this.
    Lorna, at least I can knit on the rare occasion someone else is driving. But it is rare.

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