25 Questions No One Would Think to Ask

As seen at Terminal Degree

1) When you looked in the mirror first thing this morning, what was the first thing you thought?
Where are the tweezers?
2) How much cash do you have on you?
$20, which I just got at the grocery store.
3) What’s a word that rhymes with TEST?
4) Planet?
Venus. I’m from there.
5) Who is the fourth person on your missed calls?
Home, in that particular case my husband calling during church last Sunday to let me know he was going out to lunch and a movie with a friend. Good thing I left the phone in the car!
6) What is your favourite ring on your phone?
A hopped-up version of Clair de Lune that shocked my church musician. My old phone had a not-bad rendition of Dvorak’s New World Symphony, and I miss it.
7) What shirt are you wearing?
A cream colored cotton knit shirt from LL Bean, under the tan alpaca sweater I made for #2 Son, which he didn’t like, so I redid the sleeves and now it’s mine.
8) What do you label youself as?
9) Name the brand of shoes you’ve recently worn.
10) Bright room or dark room?
Pretty dark at the moment.
11) What were you doing at midnight last night?
12) What did the last text message on your phone say?
I’ve never gotten one on this phone.
13) Where is your nearest 7-11?
From our corner, it’s two blocks down the main road.
14) What’s a saying you say a lot?
“I’m sorry?” (Because my ear is crappy and I couldn’t hear.)
15) Who told you they loved you last?
My husband.
16) Last furry thing you touched?
The Molly Dog.
17) How many drugs have you done in the past three days?
Sudafed and Advil.
18) How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?
None. Digital camera. But I *do* need to put pics in albums. Someday. (This is an exact copy of Terminal’s answer, and is just as true for me.)
19) Favourite age you’ve been so far?
40. I had a great year at 40.
20) Your worst enemy?
Usually me.
21) What is your current desktop picture?
My childhood home.
22) What was the last thing you said to someone?
I’m going to check on my computer.
23) If you had to choose between a millions bucks and being able to fly, which would you choose?
I could do a lot of good with a million bucks, but I would love to fly!.
24) Do you like someone?
Like? Or “like” like? I like my bloggy friends. I like-like Pure Luck. (Try saying that ten times fast and see where it gets you.)
25) The last song you listened to?
“Give Me That Old Time Religion” sung by the choir as a postlude on Sunday, an ironic prelude to our successful vote on Open and Affirming!

8 thoughts on “25 Questions No One Would Think to Ask”

  1. Yay! Another Groovy ONA congregation!! If I weren’t Catholic, I’d either be Episcopalian, Unitarian-Universalist or UCC. Oh, or else Quaker. 😉

  2. Congratulations on becoming ONA. Wish your church were just a little closer to where I am (I think it’s about 35-40 minutes so I might have to visit someday.)

  3. Natty, I know just what you mean.
    Cordelia’s Mother, welcome! Look for an e-mail from me.
    cheesehead, I love that hymn. And St. C, we sing “God Be With You” as the congregational response to the Benediction every week. The vocal postlude was a special offering.
    rev mommy and Phantom, it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

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