RevGal Friday Five: Pleasures

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This morning I have an appointment with the massage therapist, and although there is a therapeutic need in the form of a sore something-or-other, it always feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure. Please tell us five pleasures in your life, be they small or be they guilty.

1. Well, this massage, obviously. I started having them in the summer of 1997, when my neck was so tense I could hardly turn my head while driving. Now I have an array of middle-aged aches and pains, including a sore hip that seems to be exacerbated by driving. Maybe the real solution is a different position for the driver’s seat, but I haven’t yet found it.

2. Café Mocha–it can come from one of several coffee shops in town. I always feel a little guilty spending the extra money for an espresso drink, but I really enjoy it.

3. A day on the couch, especially a snow day. Laptop on the end table, down comforter pulled off the bed and brought downstairs, The Princess at the other end of the couch, knitting, coffee, a good movie on the TV.

4. Becoming a member of Amazon Prime, which means a year of “free” 2-day shipping. I love getting packages in a hurry!

5. Browsing through the yarn store, picturing things I can make with this one or that one. Also buying the yarn. But there is nothing small nor guilty about finishing a project and especially giving one away. That is pure joy.

Please play along and let me know below if you do!

4 thoughts on “RevGal Friday Five: Pleasures”

  1. MIDDLE-AGED aches? Aren’t you and I about the same age?
    We are not middle-aged yet. No. Not even close.
    Denial is one of my guilty pleasures.

  2. jo(e), I’ve seen your picture. Your body does not acknowledge middle age, so I think you are free to go on living above it. Me, not so much.

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