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On a Lighter Note

Last night in the bedroom:

Pure Luck asked, “What is the circle in the parentheses?”

I explained that it represents leaving a stone, as one might on a gravestone, to indicate you have been by and read the post, and want to indicate your presence, but don’t quite know what to say. I explain that I am more likely to leave a virtual hug, several sets of parentheses around the blogger’s name.


Brief pause.

“Do they realize it looks like a breast?”

(Hit Pure Luck with pillow. He is a naughty, naughty man. These parentheses are not a hug.)

Tonight in the kitchen:

“The temptation is great to post two of those things next to each other.”


72 thoughts on “On a Lighter Note”

  1. For a little TMI:
    I think example #2 is probably what we all looked like 20 years ago, whereas example #1 is more like what we look like today. Cheesehead, in 20 more years:
    ( ) ( )
    0 0

  2. lol
    thanks…just the laugh I needed….
    Now, how can I possibly send you a hug? 😉
    ah hah….got it ((songbird))

  3. reverendmother is KILLING me. KILLING ME, I tell you. And I’m not just saying that because, just as I started giggling uncontrollably about the nursing one, Baby Blue came over and yelled, “MUH!”

  4. I was the anonymous post. I forgot I was on a different computer so my personal info was not “remembered” (sorry not very exciting).

  5. Hey, that was a downer, but all the good ones were taken. Interesting how many comments a posting on breasts get ….
    I gues you are just milking it for all it’s worth.

  6. Well rev mommy I am sorry you find the comments lacting. I guess we are all just giving thanks for the mammaries.

  7. Yikes songbird. I’m not sure which is worse, THAT pun or the fact that I am procrastinating from my sermon so badly that we might as well be instant messaging each other.
    (This makes 41 comments by the way – kudos to you!)

  8. Heehee, that’s me!
    (Did I just say that?)
    Can I say how pitiful it is to be excited about having this many comments when they are of this nature?
    My sermon is done now, and bed beckons, so I will cease tempting you further.

  9. oooh, that came out in the comments differently than I had typed it.
    How rude!
    ! !
    / /
    / /
    Oh well, at least my second try adds to Songbird’s subtle goal.

  10. I am truly and deeply insulted. The exclamation points are supposed to be at the top, middle (can I type ‘tip’) and then the slashes come down from there making big cones.
    You know, if you have to explain the joke it just ain’t as funny.
    Not that Songbird cares, she just got another comment.

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