There has been a break-up in Downtown Vet Clinic, our veterinarian’s office. It happened just before Christmas. The doctor who owns the practice has hired new doctors; all the doctors who knew our pets are gone.

Today Molly came home from her walk in the woods hobbling.

Molly has bilateral hip and elbow dysplasia. When she was still a puppy we took her out of state for surgery on one hip and both elbows. For a time she was such a frequent flyer at our vet’s office that they joked about naming one of the examining rooms for us.

It was also #2 Son’s day to go to work as kennel help at the vet’s office. We stood together in the kitchen and talked about what I ought to do. You see, I wanted to call our familiar doctors and go to the new office opened by two of them in Marshy Suburb of City By the Sea, but I felt funny doing that when #2 Son is working at Downtown Vet Clinic.

We sometimes joke that Molly and Sam are the children of the second marriage. If the pediatrician who had treated your baby through her life changed practices, would you follow the doctor to a new office?

Molly has a complicated medical history including a heart murmur. In the end I decided I needed to go where the doctors really knew her. We got her in the car and drove to Marshy Suburb Animal Hospital.

I wondered if my husband thought I was a little peculiar for making the change. (He seems to feel I am a bit over-protective…) He was a sport about taking the drive into the setting sun. When the visit was over, he allowed that it was much easier to see doctors who already know Molly rather than having to tell her entire story over and over again.

We discussed the faxing of records from one office to the other. I thought we might need to hire a truck to deliver Molly’s.

#2 Son had encouraged me to go where I felt Molly would receive the best treatment, and where I would feel the most reassured, but he also mentioned that calling the new place felt a little bit like treason. I know just what he means. Sometimes you have to do the difficult thing in order to be true to yourself and those you love.

And I really do love Molly. When she was diagnosed with all these problems three years ago, I realized how much she had my heart.

Fall and Winter 02-03 034

Here she is shortly after the Triple Pelvic Osteotomy performed on her right hip in December, 2002. She was dopey from painkillers and still wearing a bandage over the stitches on her shaved leg, poor girl.

When I tried to read about exactly what they were going go do to her, I felt sick to my stomach. That’s just the way I felt today when I saw her exaggerated limp. I wanted to do anything in the world to make her feel better then, and I want to do the same thing now. She is such a loving, ebullient creature–such a special girl. Everywhere we go, people say, “I want to take you home with me.” It happened with the vet tech today.

(Pure Luck wants me to add this is all true, as long as you aren’t the one trying to leash-walk her.)

The good news: Molly’s limp is most likely a symptom of the arthritis long present in her left elbow. We don’t need to put her back on non-steroidal anti-inflammatories as a permanent measure, but will give them to her as needed for a few days. She came home and wolfed down her dinner, along with her chewable pills, and now she is “icing” her elbow au naturel while lying on the snow at the foot of our back stairs.

Her chief complaint now? No Milkbones (aka Doggie Crack) at Marshy Suburb Animal Hospital. Happily, we do have some at home. There are some things to which we can be faithful without question!

14 thoughts on “Treason”

  1. You’re a good doggy-mommy. I think you made the right choice, and good for Son #2 for seeing it that way.
    I like the new look, though I’m a bit envious of folks who can change things as much as you non-journalscape folks can!

  2. Thanks, APL!
    cheesehead, I’m only clever up to a point. I can’t get Paint to let me color in behind the text, thus the bright white. This is what we need teenagers for, isn’t it?

  3. It amazes me how my furry children capture my heart. It breaks my heart when they are injured or sick. I think you did the right thing by sticking with the docs that know Molly best – and probably saved yourself a lot of time in spite of the drive!

  4. It amazes me how my furry children capture my heart. It breaks my heart when they are injured or sick. I think you did the right thing by sticking with the docs that know Molly best – and probably saved yourself a lot of time in spite of the drive!

  5. The power of love–you really helped that puppy out there. Yes, always a puppy, always a baby 🙂 I would follow my family doctor anywhere–my insurance doesn’t cover her, so I don’t care where she is! What a sweet upturn for your doggie 🙂

  6. I’d follow the vet who knew our Goof in a heartbeat. Not two years ago we switched vets when the one we started with when we moved here almost killed him because she was set on viewing me as an overly-anxious owner. The new vet? He’s great, and I hope he likes us as much as we like him, because he’s stuck with us now.

  7. Love the new blog look! It’s great. you’ve inspired me to try to tweak mine when I have some time to fool around with it.
    I’m glad Molly is doing ok and sorry about the vet change.

  8. Poor Molly-Dog! I hope she’s feeling better soon.
    One of the two pediatricians in the practice we’ve been going to left and set up her own shop across town. We decided to stay where we were (with the the short pediatrician who doesn’t freak out when my kids step on the scale), but it still felt a little like treason. Divorce. It’s always tough on the patients!
    I like the new Large Print version of Set Free!

  9. It’s not too big? It’s certainly easier on my middle-aged eyes.
    Thanks for all your kind thoughts. She looks much, much better today.

  10. Isn’t it crazy how much terror can strike your heart when they aren’t feeling well? I have realized every time one of my pups is ill, JUST how much of my heart is wrapped up in them. I can’t imagine coming home to a house without seeing their wagging tails.
    Molly is just beautiful, and sounds like such a doll. I hope she is feeling better soon.

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