Since Four is my favorite number…

As seen at Blanket in the Grove:

Four jobs I’ve Had in My Life (not in this order)

   1. Candy Store clerk
   2. Bookmobile Assistant and sometime driver
   3. Stage Manager at a children’s theatre
   4. Legislative Reference Assistant in the U.S. Senate Library

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have

   1. The Princess Bride
   2. The Sound of Music
   3. Mary Poppins
   4. The Fellowship of the Ring

Four Places I have Lived (prior to City By the Sea, and excluding The Big Apple)

   1. Remember the Titans location
   2. Wahooville
   3. Historic Billsburg
   4. Jane Austen’s American village(so named by a family friend because of all the elderly ladies living on their "so-and-so many pounds per year"–my childhood home is on the left)

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch

   1. Lost
   2. The West Wing (yes, still)
   3. What Not to Wear
   4. Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Four Places I have been on Vacation

   1. Nags Head, NC (with my parents and later with sorority sisters)
   2. Disney World (once each as child and parent)
   3. Bryce Canyon (with Pure Luck, the peak of our Southwestern trip)
   4. North Conway, NH (on our honeymoon, after our wedding atop Mt. Chocorua)

Four Websites I Visit Daily

   1. St. Casserole
   2. RevGalBlogPals and many of its members, though not all each day
   3. Phantom Scribbler
   4. Gmail!! I love the Gmail!

Four Favorite Foods

   1. Frosted Mini-Wheats
   2. Pancakes with a Fried Egg on top
   3. Those delicious Cape Cod veggie chips
   4. Cinnamon Toast

Four Places I would Rather Be Right Now

   1. Since I fell on the ice while walking the dogs yesterday, I would love to be in a jacuzzi.
   2. The real City By the Sea, where there is snow in January, not rain-covered ice.
   3. Bed is also a nice thought, with the heating pad on my hip.
   4. In a certain Gulf Coast location (but don’t tell my family!)

People I tag (to do this next)
   Oh, this always creates a crisis. What if I tag someone and they don’t do it? Is that proof they aren’t actually reading my blog?
   If you haven’t been tagged already, consider this your invitation.

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