Everybody’s Doing It

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If you have been reading but haven’t felt moved to comment, I hope you will take a moment to say hello! It’s all the rage, and who can resist a fad?
(Hat tip to peripatetic polar bear for the image.)

21 thoughts on “Everybody’s Doing It”

  1. De-lurking to say how much I appreciate your sharing. I discovered the RevGal’s at the beginning of Advent and have been hooked ever since. Thanks!

  2. Hmm, Phantom, I think we are stretching definitions here, but what the heck, okay!
    Friday Mom, good to see you!!
    Lucy, welcome!! I’ve just been to your place, too.
    discerning, I’m glad you found the RevGals. Are you blogging while discerning?

  3. cheesehead, seriously.
    halloweenlover, thanks for defeating the terrorists.
    ppb and mc, always welcome!
    And Badger, I’m tickled to know you’ve been around, however quietly.
    Thanks for the comments, all. I’ve been out at a hard meeting and it was a treat to come home and find you’d been here. 🙂

  4. cheesehead, this one was four hours long. Bleh.
    Jane Dark, I’m surprised you have the strength to type. Are you feeling a little better?

  5. I’ve had bursts of commenting tons here. But I’ve also been an underachieving commenter for quite some time. I know, I’m sorry.
    So, anyway, hello!

  6. Songbird, I’m alright, really, probably because I’ve had this since November (probably). But it is true that most of my mental energy is going elsewhere. Bah.

  7. Scriv, I do the same thing. I think, well, many people have already said how cute his girls are or how funny that picture is or how right he is about the world going to hell in a handbag.
    Jane Dark, the places you direct your mental energy are an endless source of fascination.

  8. Okay, you got me there. Mine was just under three hours, but I had to talk about the “letter” that is circulating about me, so it felt like four.

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