“Wasn’t Living Here”

It’s still Christmas at my house. I got home last night to find the tree looking marvelous. As I brushed past, no needles hit the floor. This must mean it was watered in my absence. Who would think a tree could still look and smell good on January 10th?

When I mention something left undone in my absence, #2 Son says, “Wasn’t living here.” It’s true. He and The Princess were staying at their dad’s, just stopping in after school for a couple of hours.

“Wasn’t living here.”

There are good reasons for leaving the ornaments on the tree. While it was being decorated, Pure Luck and The Princess accidentally bumped into each other and a precious breakable from my childhood was smashed on the floor. We were all very gracious about it, which was some consolation, and there was another one just like it except in color. But he will not take anything off the tree for fear of further breakage.

“Wasn’t living here.”

The cupboard is pretty bare. #1 Son, who was staying here, ate most of our Progresso Soup for the Apocalypse. This means another trip to Gigantic Store That Makes Me Dizzy is in order. Of course while we are there, I am sure we will find we need another Gigantic Bag of Chocolate Chips, just in case there is a shortage during the Apocalypse.

“Wasn’t living here.”

The coffee pot still had the dregs of my last pot of coffee. Eww. Repulsive things were floating on the surface. I had to wash it a few times before I could use it again. On the bright side, when I did make a pot of coffee I got to use my spectacular new Krups coffee bean grinder, a yardsale find and gift from St. Casserole. Yay!

“Wasn’t living here.”

All the newspapers are piled up under an antique chair in the living room. As Manuel would say, “Que?”

“Wasn’t living here.”

There was more mail to open here than at the office, including mail addressed to every other member of the family. What do you suppose they would do if I hadn’t come home?

“Wasn’t living here.”

It was good to snuggle with my darling husband last night and to wake up next to him this morning, but there is a little ache in my heart for the Gulf Coast and the Casserole family, and there is a little part of me that isn’t living here.

10 thoughts on ““Wasn’t Living Here””

  1. Glad you made it home! That coffeepot story could have happened here. And our tree is still up and still decorated, even though we’ve all been living here. I’m sure we’ll get it down before the end of January.

  2. Emily, I hadn’t thought of it that way!
    Oh, St. C, boohoo!
    Kathy, the tree is being carried out the door as I type this.
    Thanks, jo(e).

  3. I need to go tonight or tomorrow to restock our Progresso soups for the Apocalypse, too. Good idea to pick up some more chocolate chips!
    Glad that you’re back.

  4. Yeay for Apocalypse choc chips…We no longer have an “emergency cupboard” here, as the chances of our being unable to reach shops are pretty slim, but I so loved the contents of the cupboard at our old home…wonderful spoily food, that you need an emergency to justify. Mmmmn…
    I have to say most of my household seem to operate on the “I wasn’t living here” principle most of the time…their contention, that they aren’t fussed about whether X or Y gets done, so I don’t have to do it either, if they don’t. Oddly enough, that extends to loo cleaning, recycling (almost anything) and quite definitely carrying anything upstairs to their rooms. I’m so far from a domestic goddess that this frequently leads to squalour…but at least the continued presence of our Christmas tree (denuded of all ornaments except for the lights, the star and a very few golden fruit) is a deliberate policy as DarlingDaughter has her birthday on Saturday so the tradition is that it stays up till then, if there are no needles littering the floor.

  5. Phantom, have you tried Cape Cod’s Veggie Chips for the Apocalypse? Mr. St. Casserole brought them home while I was visiting, and I am hooked. Fortunately they are available at Large Local Groceria.
    Kathryn, dear heart, I hear you. I’m squeezing in some housecleaning, but won’t have any real time for it until Friday. They didn’t even run the dishwasher while I was away…

  6. It’s actually quite amazing at my house, because it seems that NOBODY lives there but me. Oh, and the DH and DS and 2 dogs and 1 cat.
    Wonder how I can get a gig like that? without going back to actually living alone again!?

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