RevGal Friday Five: Housewifery

Guest Blogger St. Casserole and I would like to know four household products, utensils or appliances that have served you well and truly. For item #5, please share with us one of the above we should never, ever, under any circumstances purchase or expect to manipulate, use or otherwise operate successfully.

1) Zout, particularly the foaming kind–I discovered this miracle product when #2 Son was in a Christmas caroling group and bloodily lost a tooth while wearing a white shirt. Another mother was kind enough to recommend her great laundry secret, bless her.

2) Purex perfume and dye free detergent–I love the fragrance of scented laundry products, but they don’t always love my skin.

3) Ultra Ivory Dish Liquid in its new lavendar fragrance–this is one good-smelling product gentle enough for my fussy hands. (If I am misspelling lavendar, I don’t want to know. I like it this way. The other way makes me think of a colander.)

4) Nature’s Miracle–if you have pets, you will know why!


5) Kirby vacuum cleaner–I love the shampoo attachments, but it is *so* heavy. I wish we had taken that money and installed Central Vac.

3 thoughts on “RevGal Friday Five: Housewifery”

  1. This is going to be a deeply frustrating exercise…clearly, I’m not going to pick up any amazing tips, as none of the products thus far mentioned by anyone are familiar names here. By the same token, suspect I can’t recommend much either. Ah well…housewifery has never been one of my more obvious skills!

  2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
    Trust me.
    It’s a sponge thingy that you get wet & rub on the offending dirty area. I don’t know how it works, but it cleans marks off of walls, scrunge off of textured tile, scuffs off of sneakers.

  3. I can’t think of enough things to complete the meme, but here are three things I love:
    1. Baking soda: my laundry smells better (I add it to my usual detergent, which I use sparingly) and several odd stains on my kitchen counter that just would.not.come.out are gone. I love my baking soda…
    2. (not a cleaning product) my silicone brush: I can use it to brush on BBQ sauce, or to brush butter on pastries, and it washes clean so easily, doesn’t lose bristles, and it just generally wonderful. Hooray for silicone!
    3. my food processor: I just discovered this (my mom never owned one as she claimed it was superfluous), and I am a convert. It chops things! So easily! I love it.

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