Walking the Dogs

Monday afternoon I went to the local animal shelter to offer myself as a volunteer. When I said I didn’t mind walking the large dogs, there was some surprise, I think.

“You sure?” asked the nice gal with the blonde ponytail.

“Certainly,” I answered. After all I do have two of those Béarnaise Sauce Mountain Dogs at home, as St. C puts it. I had time to give six dogs a walk of fifteen minutes each, and that is what I set out to do.

First, let me say that no dog in the large dog section was anywhere near as large as Molly, much less Sam.

Avatar Molly

Second, let me say that I am happy Molly (pictured last winter) and Sam live in faraway Snow Country, because they would not have been able to walk two feet in the heat (80 ish Farenheit) and humidity (about 153% when I arrived there, although a breeze did come up before I left).

Third, let me say that I did promise Pure Luck I would not be tempted to bring home any dogs, but when I met the three puppy boys who had just come in yesterday morning, three big fluppies (as The Princess might say, for “fluffy puppies”), three adorable boys of perhaps four months who will be large dogs with thick coats, I was sorely tempted. But don’t worry, honey. St. C thought I shouldn’t break up a little family, and while to her that meant bringing more than one of them home, it brought me to my senses. I pray that they find a nice air-conditioned home.

Fourth, let me say that the people who work at the animal shelter—and at all the other shelters helping hurricane-affected animals–are saints of God, whether they know it or not. Would you like to help? Go here to read about how you might do so. It was not too crowded yesterday because wonderful animal people all over the country are helping transport cats and dogs to other locations to find their new homes. I’m told it will be full again my midweek and overfull by week’s end, until more transports come on the weekend.

Fifth, let me say that although these doggies were not as large as my huge lovelies, an adolescent male lab cross in an eager mood can be a handful.

Finally, let me say that I get along beautifully with old mama dogs, and I wonder and hope along with them that their puppies have found safe and loving homes, that their former owners are somewhere at peace, and that we can somehow arrange for pedicures in the very near future.

7 thoughts on “Walking the Dogs”

  1. wonderful
    oh bless your heart. I would never have thought to do this 🙁 and seeing you do it made me cry!
    (I’m having that kind of a day)

  2. What a gift you have Songbird — ministering to God’s creation in every way.
    Like ppb, I can’t even drive by the shelter without crying for all the animals who need homes.
    Bless you!

  3. What a great thing for you to do. There was a story in the paper just this weekend about all the puppies being born in the hurricane zone … the thought of those beloved pets waiting (and waiting and waiting) for their owners to come back breaks my heart.

  4. Now, that’s reminded me of one of the reasons that I love the Feeding of the Five Thousand.
    Time to blog, I think…but that was a lovely read 🙂

  5. Wonderful…. I don’t think I could have left there without taking someone home with me. That’s a dangerous place for me to volunteer.

  6. As someone who lives with an old mama dog, I agree with you on all counts! Ours would much rather have a nice juicy hamburger than a pedicure, though. 😉

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