Living in the Lull Time

We’re having a quiet few days here. The children are sleeping very, very late. The house is a cozy mess, and we have been eating comfort food (mac and cheese from scratch, meat loaf, sugar cookies baked the day after Christmas, coffee cake from scratch) and snuggling up together to watch favorite movies (The Wizard of Oz, a Christmas present from #2 Son, and The Princess Bride, a longtime favorite that I don’t ever seem to tire of watching). I seem to be avoiding the inevitable flurry of pre-trip packing that will have to happen tomorrow and keeping calm, sleeping well, just generally recovering from the work of Christmas.

Although I had posted my wish list for books here on the blog, I didn’t find much in the way of books under the tree on Christmas morning. Since I had a couple of nice checks from church-related groups, I decided to go book-shopping for myself yesterday. What a treat! It was the best kind of shopping, one in which there is no rush and no pressure, just the enjoyment of choosing between one delight and another. My new books are in the sidebar in a category I am now calling “On the Bedside Table,” along with the two left over from before Christmas, since I don’t imagine I’ll be reading all of them at the same time.

Although he could not find two books that I managed to uncover yesterday in the same store, #1 Son did find a book that I am looking forward to reading, Paul: Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity. He was paying attention when I mentioned that this fall, for the first time, I found the Epistles fascinating.

This is a pretty long list of new books, and none of them will be read until #2 Son’s sweater is finished. There is half a sleeve, the collar and the seams yet to go. I’m planning to pack a few of these books to take along to Mississippi. I probably won’t take any knitting along (yes, I know this is blasphemy), in part to give my arm and shoulder a rest. They are sore from all the holiday knitting.

I suppose I ought to clean the house, but I would rather go out to lunch with Friend and Colleague, whose birthday is today. I would rather finish the sweater, and chat with The Princess and bother my husband as he sits at his computer.

This morning I had a massage.

Living in the lull time feels peaceful and regenerative. I’m grateful to have it this week.

14 thoughts on “Living in the Lull Time”

  1. sounds wonderful 🙂
    I too didn’t find books under the tree 🙁 but then on boxing day I went to the Lutheran St Stephen’s service. There was a friend with two books for me to read tucked under his arm. I’ll have to return them ‘someday’ he said – which is a great arrangement.
    I won a book as a prize for a blog a few months ago. Instead of sending the book they gave me $25 at Amazon – and now said I can spend it as I choose. Any advice?
    Hope your trip to Mississippi is fabulous, spiritually meaningful and a blessing both to you and those you meet with. I’m a little envious if truth be told ,but I’ll survive.
    love to you

  2. “Inconceivable!”
    “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”
    Somebody, make me stop. It’s a sickness, you know.
    I’m living in the lull, too. I’ve seen three movies this week. In the cinema, with WG. That’s about 6 month’s worth of movies for me! We’re still eating leftover lasagne, cheese ball, layered torte, cheesecake, broccoli casserole, and last night I polished off the last of the roast beast. Since we’re almost out of leftovers, I’m going to lobby for pizza tonight!

  3. We’re eating Turkey Bone soup made of the carcasses from the Thanksgiving (frozen!) and Christmas turkeys. It is very, very full of meat! I also have lots of sandwich meat, and 10 cups of diced turkey for casseroles. Phew.
    Hope your trip is Wonderful. Give St. C an extra hug for me.
    Merry Christmas Day 4!

  4. Oooo….I got the anniversary edition of Wizard of Oz too! Isn’t it great??? My boys bought it for me, along with Season One of Joan of Arcadia.
    Of course, I LOVE Princess Bride…. “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

  5. Similar blissful suspended animation here, though poor DarlingDaughter has to work so we’re not quite complete…But lots of knitting, videos, and I’ve done well for books, though am mostly enjoying fiction right now, as the family tend to growl if they notice theology cross my path when I’m “supposed to be on holiday”.
    DD introduced me to Princess Bride a month or two back…excellent stuff…but I’m purring at my present to myself…a real copy of Truly Madly Deeply…which I think is my favourite film of all time.
    Happy days 🙂

  6. Let me know how you like the Paul book. I’m a big Paul fan, actually.
    I made reverendmommy’s grillards and grits last night while Babs made another of her famous cakes. The grillards got a thumbs up from 3 out of 4–pretty good! I liked it!
    Have a great trip.

  7. Oooh, I also feel relaxed, and inspired to try to make some things from scratch. Would you believe I’ve never tried mac and cheese from scratch? eek!
    Have a relaxing end of the week. I’m looking forward to that for next week.

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