We Interrupt These Christmas Posts…

for a few Monday night questions and observations:

~I don’t much like Condoleeza Rice, nor am I a major fan of Andrea Mitchell’s, but there is something heartening about watching an interview of the Secretary of State by a major network journalist and seeing they are both women. At least the clock hasn’t been turned back completely.

~If the President is making public statements about something the day after a major speech, the speech was not successful.

~The people who watch Lou Dobbs on CNN are obsessed with immigration. 53% of those responding to his poll tonight think “Broken Borders” are the most important issue for Congress and the President to address. Who are these people? The Economy was 2nd, at 29%; Iraq 3rd with 15%; Terrorism a distant 4th with 3% as of last count. I know he’s the old Moneyline guy, so I get the economy piece, but I guess I don’t get the whole illegal immigration thing. (I mean, I know what it is, but why is it the top issue to these people? Because I’m thinking domestic spying is pretty important myself.)

~Why am I watching Lou Dobbs?

~There has been major turnover in the professional staff at our veterinarian’s office. I am missing the doctors who have cared for Molly since she was a pup with major orthopedic issues. Is it worth driving farther to the new practice of the three women vets who left? Or should I get to know the new women vets hired by the old fart vet who owns the practice? It’s not the same thing as getting used to a new dental hygienist when your dentist remains the same. It’s more like having your pediatrician suddenly and without warning leave to go to start an office two towns away. Complicating all this, #2 Son is employed there as kennel help, and we get a discount on veterinary care and medications. I was worried that he would be unhappy about the sudden changes, but he came home tonight and said, “Mom, it’s going to be the same.” “But #2 Son, these new doctors don’t know you! They don’t know you might want to be a vet someday! They won’t know to give you extra things to do.” “Mom, they’re so new, I’m going to be telling them where things are and what to do.”
Guess I’ll take a wait-and-see approach.

~That bag of Barilla tortellini that claims to make 4-5 servings? Barely feeds Pure Luck and The Princess. I am now eating Pop Tarts for dinner.

~Okay, this last one is about Christmas, after all. If you want to get your Christmas cards in the mail on the busiest day of the postal year, it’s a good idea not to bring the envelopes home and leave the cards at the office.

~And finally, if you want to see the Christmas card picture and haven’t already noticed it in the Flickr badge, here it is. (Click it for a larger view.) You already know more about us than anyone getting our Christmas letter ever will!

Xmas 05 mucking about

14 thoughts on “We Interrupt These Christmas Posts…”

  1. Lovely picture of the family, but how do you get away with a Christmas picture that doesn’t have the most important person – namely, YOU – in it?
    I’m thinking of you as I try desperately to get further along on PH’s Christmas sweater, which at the rate it’s going will be a Valentine’s sweater. Thank goodness he’s not hung up on getting it on time, and thank goodness I bought him a couple of other gifts. Would that i were as disciplined in my knitting projects as you are!

  2. mibi, I just finished the Christmas cards, so now I can get back to the knitting. Thank goodness #2 Son helped lick the envelopes!!

  3. Yeah, what’s up with that serving size thing? I’d figured we were just enormous eaters….but the other night a “GIANT Family Size” frozen dinner served as a mere snack for three young adults; they ended up going out for “real food.”

  4. Lou Dobbs is obsessed with illegal immigration, ergo, his viewers are, or else they would have watched something else by now (and yes, I end up watching him too, sometimes, but I have to turn off the Broken Borders stuff).
    I’m not getting cards done at all this year. I’m emailing a collage of photos and pointing friends to my blog.
    Knit on!

  5. Dear Songbird,
    It’s understandable that you don’t worry too much about illegal immigration, living in Maine. In south Texas, southern NM and Arizona and California our porous southern border causes a lot of concern and has for many years.
    These are the states that find themselves paying for the social services for illegal immigrants and their social services are being overwhelmed.
    Recent reports from the Border Patrol reveal that increasing numbers of Middle Eastern, European and Asian illegals are coming in through the Mexican border causing security concerns. They aren’t all desperate compesinos from Mexico and Central America.
    Mexico has long used illegal immigration to the US as a safety valve to prevent real reform in its economy and government. If Mexico reformed their society to develop a stable middle class it would be a wonderful thing for both Mexicans and Americans. Then Mexico would be more inclined to assist us in enforcing appropriate immigration regulations. I wish I were smart enough to suggest how the US could encourage Mexico to do that.
    Sorry for the mini-rant! But I’ve lived near the border all my life and illegal immigration has been a problem as long as I can remember.

  6. Grace, thank you for filling in the blank in my head. It’s not that I think it’s unimportant, I just find it perplexing that Dobbs’ particular audience thinks it is so much more important than the war in Iraq.
    Living in a small city with good social services available, I do understand what a burden it places when those in need stream toward the services. We are the dumping ground for many Maine citizens (their towns buy them a bus ticket to Portland) and for out-of-state folks who are poor and looking for a place to plug in for help.
    Again, thanks for elaborating.

  7. I don’t much like Condoleeza Rice,
    had to re-read this as I thought you were talking about food at first 🙂
    great photo, but yeah where are you!!!
    love and hugs

  8. Christmas cards? I finally acknowledged and accepted that I will buy them but never actually mail them. So now I’ve stopped buying them. I’m now using telepathic Christmas cards. You should have already received yours.

  9. What a great Christmas card picture!!
    I’m with Bad Alice on the card dilemma — mine are all telepathic too. Saves on stamps.

  10. The Barilla tortellini….won’t get SFW full in our house. I have no idea who they serve when they figure serving sizes!
    Love the Christmas card photo….a mighty fine looking crew!

  11. Like Bad Alice I buy but don’t get around to sending Christmas Cards.
    Like Songbird, I go to the Post Office but forget the gifts I want to mail at home.
    Let’s all do the best we can without trying to do everything.
    What a great picture of children!

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