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O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Advent Stole
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Here, at last, a picture of the handknitted Advent stole, made with a lovely bulky yarn using the Knit 3/Purl 3/Knit 3 pattern of the Prayer Shawls. It has been much-admired. Unfortuately, it gets a little longer each week! I’m now thinking it might make a stellar birthday gift for my taller friend and colleague whose natal day falls just after Christmas. For the picture I had to adjust the yoke so that the stole didn’t hang to the hem of the garment.
And, yes, I’m that short.
The ivy wreath on top of the coat rack adds a nice pagan touch, don’t you think? (Hat tip to its creator, The Princess.)

18 thoughts on “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

  1. Beautiful!!
    A woman in our congregation made me a lovely stole out of multicoloured wool. It is so special, because it was made by someone’s hands.
    And yes, I require shorter stoles than most preachers also. I wonder why they don’t make them in “petite” sizes.

  2. What a gorgeous stole! I have yet to knit a stole, but I think the way to avoid knitstretch is to knit it lengthwise- i.e., cast on the million stitches it takes to make it the length you want, and then knit a couplefew rows for the width. It would require circular needles with a superlong cord, but it might be worth it!
    (I have no idea why I had a the need to use so many odd compound words in this comment. Weird.)

  3. Sue, I have a beautiful white stole (raw silk!) that came from womenspirit.com in a petite length. They have others in a shorter length as well.
    In this case I adapted the pattern, but I think I needed to make the yoke portion shorter, too, not just the long pieces of the stole.

  4. I love the stole!
    If I manufactured stoles, I’d make petite sizes and have the stoles fit a woman’s figure….if you know what I mean.
    I ordered my new clerical shirts today! So excited to have new ones for the New Year!
    Am I the only RevGalBlogPal who cannot knit or purl?

  5. I’m NOT tall. Tiny is the word 4’10” and because of it think that if and when I need to wear an alb etc I’ll have to rifle the confirmation closet – hadn’t thought of the implications of the stole though.
    I will preach on Christmas morning. I wear either a navy blue dress and jacket or black trousers and jacket (depending how cold it is) with a lovely red scarf that now I think of it looks just like a stole! lol
    I love your knitting pics Rev songbird and often imagine you at boring meetings knitting away. Think I could do that at seminary? We have one class coming up with a very boring lecturer!

  6. I am looking for a pattern for a clerical stole to knot as an ordination present for a dear friend. I have been unable to find a suitable pattern – does yours have a mitred corner at the back, or is it basically a long scarf?

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