Memories, light the corners of my mind

Under pressure to be noteworthy after all your kind remarks on my last post, I sat down to write this morning, only to be interrupted in six million different ways at the office. I am now on my way to Formerly Methodist Currently Hiptastic University to see #1 Son in “The Faculty Room,” not to stay in a hotel with free wireless as originally scheduled but rather to turn around and come back immediately after the show in an effort to get ahead of the predicted snowstorm.

Thus stressed, I offer for your amusement the following. Please regale me. Make it worth logging on again tomorrow morning. This has been seen in a number of places, but I played it last night with will smama and revmom/cheesehead, who are both very naughty girls, as I recall. If you should happen to remember my romantic weekend with Alan Rickman, I assure you my husband will not take it badly.

Please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL MEMORY OF YOU AND ME. It can be anything you want–good or bad–BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. When you’re finished, post this paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON’T ACTUALLY remember about you.

16 thoughts on “Memories, light the corners of my mind”

  1. Remember when people used to confuse us with each other in the third grade? Then suddenly I shot up 9 inches in height overnight, and people *finally* stopped asking us if we were identical twins!
    Too bad I had to keep wearing the same pants to school though…
    Good times…
    (drive carefully!)

  2. songbird 🙂
    do you remember being so broke after standing bail TWICE for what’s her name? Will smama – that you decided to do something creative to raise some cash
    So you signed up as a rep for Kute Kitten Supplies but it wasn’t quite Mary Kay was it?
    We had such a probem getting rid of THAT too 🙂

  3. Hey Songbird, do you remember that time we went to one of PPB’s “Jump into a hole in the ice” parties? Yup, she really thought we were right behind her when she leaped into the water. Those hot rum toddies were good. Very good.
    Maybe this year we should try it again. No, really….:)

  4. I don’t remember the weekend with Alan Rickman, but I do remember when we tried to get Paul McCartney to lead the hymn sing at our high school church camp. But he’d just converted to the Big Vegetarian, and he didn’t feel okay about the whole body and blood thing. Too bad.

  5. Do you remember the time that you and I hitchhiked all the way to Memphis to hear Elvis in concert? You wore that mini-skirt so we had no problems getting rides. Remember how Elvis looked across the room at you and then invited you back stage but not me?? What ever did you do with that silk scarf?

  6. I remember the weekend with Alan Rickman! We spent it together, camped out in the line for Sense and Sensibility tickets. Remember those period costumes you knitted for us? And the posters I made?
    We were certain we would get to be on the nightly news since we were first in line. But the news crews never showed up. Nor did any other line squatters…

  7. I know you wanted the iguana for yourself, but I knew it could not be. Frederica had seen it first, and my sense of justice compelled me to offer you the Madagascar striped lemming instead. I tried to sweeten it for you, offering the woven titanium lemming shelter, but you would have none of it. That was when I decided to close the shop. You were not to know until you were halfway across the Mojave Desert.

  8. I still can’t believe it. Remember those Olympics?
    Double gold medals for pairs ice sculpture and synchronized cake baking. WOW! THey say no-one will ever do that again.

  9. It was springtime in Paris. You wore red. I wore blue. We were drinking cafe au lait from bowls when they approached us. Do you remember what you said to the tall one? I will never forget it.

  10. I remember how you insisted that you could drive that golf cart, but I had no idea what your plan was once you hit the water trap–that had frozen over. Who knew golf carts could skate?

  11. Remember that one dollar pitcher night at B’s Bar? I know you’ve moved on and all.
    Well, they still talk about that table dance you did. I personally thought that I would win the Yard O’ Suds that night, but your interpretation of Donna Summer’s She Works Hard for the Money will never be topped. Never.

  12. Oh, I remember that day we were singing on that hillside in Austria. Remember how I fell down and rolled all the way to the bottem and broke fourteen bones and you had to carry me, heroically and without complaint (well almost) to the nearest Abbey and that was how I found my rev-vocation and you were so sweet to sacrifice that last bit of toffee too. Oh, thank you, Songbird. I’ve never really thanked you.

  13. Christine, anything for a sister!
    Kathy, gosh, you do have a good memory.
    r2ks, I’m gifted on the ice, and with it–right, Gord?
    Ah,Phantom, we’ll always have Paris.
    Poor Mad Peter, it still smarts.
    Rach, they must have gotten the wrong address.
    Mindy, it is under my pillow every night. (Shh, don’t tell Pure Luck!)
    pcit, remember I suggested Noel Paul Stookey instead?
    Oh, Sue, that silly old PPBear.
    Lorna, I told you I didn’t want to discuss that ever again!
    cheesehead, it was okay, ’cause you had great legs!
    (Thanks for playing everyone, it was better than I hoped for!!)

  14. I remember it well. I was wearing that pink bunny suit and standing up on top of the roof of the church. You were in the parking lot, with three chickens and a llama. What happened next was pure insanity. Those who were there (and survived) still remember it. But we must speak of it no more!

  15. Do you remember in when we were doing surgery and I asked you for a scapel and you said I could get it myself and then we started laughing and the head nurse got mad? How we passed the reviews is beyond me!

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