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Preparing the Way

I made myself a new stole for Advent, out of bulky purple wool. It was spun and dyed here in Maine, and I could feel the lanolin on my hands after touching it. Of all the purple yarns in the store, this one called to me. There was something rough and homespun about it, earthy, perhaps a bit more Lenten than Advent-ian.

The skeins were twisted and tied together at each end. These were skeins that needed unwinding, making straight in order to be made round in a smoothly wound ball. And it seemed that just when I would think I had the flow of the original winding, I would meet a place I could not untangle without the help of another pair of hands.

I felt like that myself yesterday. There were unexpected twists and turns, both in the unfolding of the outer day and in the unwinding of the inner day.

I met my demons, Pain and Fear. Their impish assistants, Ambition, Importance and Success, were close at hand. They bring the message that if only, if only I were a person of note, all would be well.

I don’t actually believe in demons, in the sense of exterior evil spirits sent to tie me into knots. I think we’re fully capable of doing that all by ourselves.

After too much driving, too many meetings, topped off by two (thankfully constructive) hours working on the church budget, I made my way home. There were phone calls to return, children to embrace and settle for the night, a husband who soon went up to bed. But I was still tangled and needed unwinding and smoothing. I sat down to knit and to pray.

Loving God, in this season of Advent, help me to make myself a straight path for you, to make my rough places plain, to catch a glimpse of the view You have for my life. Thank you for the helping hands that work with me to untangle the past and prepare for the work of the future. Amen.

14 thoughts on “Preparing the Way”

  1. Lovely.
    I marvel at your ability, time after time, to take the most ordinary moment and turn it into a thing of beauty.
    I learn so much from you. I’m so glad I started my day by reading this.

  2. This is a lovely meditation, and I love your descriptions of the little demons.
    (on a knitting note–I’d love to see a picture of the stole and hear more about it.)

  3. Thanks to you both. I was having a lot of trouble untangling myself last night. As I went to bed, I had this idea, and although I was too tired to begin writing, just knowing it was enough to help me rest.
    Emily, the stole is at church and I am at home with a sick Princess, but I will get a picture up when I can.

  4. Bless you for taking time to share the unravelling. I’d like to see a photo of the stole and you too 🙂
    Blessed second week of Advent

  5. Amen to the above comments. Seeing God in the ordinary moments of our lives is a gift. Thanks for giving me another description of a feeling I get from time to time.
    Picture of stole, please.

  6. Echoing what others have said.
    I think about John the Baptist wearing camel’s hair, and maybe the rough and homespun nature of the yarn is just right for Advent!
    I am impressed by your knitting skills–both knitting with needles, and your knitting together of wonderful ideas into a coherent whole.

  7. Loved the reflection on knitting and Advent. I can just see you in your stole! It’s finally cold enough here (40 degrees) to think about wearing knitwear.

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