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O, Tannenbaum

O, Tannenbaum

Here is the “green” tree with its “green” lights, which are also “blue” since we didn’t drive to Target to buy them.

never been born...

This afternoon, The Princess and I are tucked up on the couch watching George Bailey torment himself.

She came home from school early after a somewhat scary incident in which she slumped to the floor in the coat room outside her class. The school nurse called me, saying her blood pressure and temperature were normal, but she was dizzy for a second time. As The Princess put it, “Mr. (Teacher) got all blurry.” Now that she is home she seems fine, of course. I’m supposed to be working on bulletins for the next couple of weeks, but I seem to be watching James Stewart get his act together by going slightly crazy instead. (He just kissed the knob from the banister.)

Today I played “Silent Night” on the little pipe organ in our Sanctuary. I was demonstrating for Rev Fun how relatively easy it is to play. I sounded about as good as the Bailey child who was practicing “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.” Rev Fun helped by pressing the wrong foot pedal in an effort to make it all sound more magnificent (E flat instead of B flat). It was jolly. We are planning our joint Christmas Eve service, and I am really looking forward to it.

You may wish to note that I have now contracted the Christmas Spirit.

5 thoughts on “O, Tannenbaum”

  1. I hope the Princess is okay. Any chance she has migraines? 12-year-old daughter has them occasionally, and she gets blurred vision and dizziness.
    The tree is beautiful!

  2. How is the princess? Good they sent her home and good you could just ‘be’ while you (didn’t) worked on the bulletins …
    The tree is BIG 🙂

  3. It turns out her head was congested and fuzzy-feeling. I dosed her up with Sudafed at bedtime and again this morning, and no more dizziness! Her dad kindly took the day off to be with her, since I had many meetings (including one more with the Budget Committee at 6 p.m.). By this afternoon, when I accompanied her to a choral rehearsal, she was feeling much better and planning to go back to school tomorrow.
    We looked into the migraine possibility with our doctor when she had a headache last month; apparently that’s not her problem, thank goodness.
    Thanks for asking about her.
    I was sitting on the couch when I took the picture, so that may make the tree look bigger than it really is.

  4. good to see you had your feet up then.
    how’s the knitting ? hope you are taking it to the meeting tonight!
    love and hugs
    who left you a message over at Mindy’s place. dah !!!

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