RevGal Friday Five: Leftovers


It’s the morning after Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and I apologize in advance to our international friends for this parochial Friday Five. But I’m relaxed after all that tryptophan and can’t think of much else. Thus, the Leftovers.

1) Did you cook/bake anything for Thanksgiving?

The Princess and I prepared a pumpkin pie with a Pâte Brisée crust straight out of Martha Stewart. We also made the famous Apocalypse Chocolate Cake with a holiday-excitement Kahlua Glaze. You see I bought this bottle of Kahlua while shopping with #1 Son. The purchase of alcoholic beverages is infrequent in the extreme for this family. I wanted just a little bottle, but the only had a tall one. “What will I do with all this Kahlua?” “Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll take the rest back to college with me.” Hmmph. #2 Son actually made the cake while Pure Luck and I were slowly making our way back to City By the Sea, having given up on our trip over the river and through the woods to his Great-Aunt’s house, due to snow and ice and cars off the road.

2) How was it received?

Both were received very favorably, despite the fact there were four pies and six total desserts for sixteen people. It turned out the other pumpkin pie was store-bought and therefore spurned by all who knew this terrible fact.

3) Anything left over?

We managed to bring home one piece of pumpkin pie and a good-sized piece each of apple and berry pie, as well as about 1/3 of the cake. We are missing the turkey and I’m thinking of going to the store to buy a small one and cook it today. But I’m also thinking of taking The Princess to see Pride and Prejudice. What will win? Tune in tomorrow for answers.

4) Best use of Thanksgiving leftovers ever.

Pie for breakfast.

5) Worst use of Thanksgiving leftovers ever.

A couple of years ago I tried to make a casserole of leftovers similar to a shepherd’s pie. It had a layer of stuffing at the bottom, then turkey and gravy, covered with mashed potatoes. A young person who shall remain nameless declared that it looked like “Thanksgiving Vomit.” Sadly, he was not far off the mark.

I hope your leftovers are more aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing.

6 thoughts on “RevGal Friday Five: Leftovers”

  1. Our pumpkin pie has been used for leftovers as well (recipe still needs tweaking).
    Your desserts sound pretty yummy.

  2. I’m really impressed that left overs are so minimal…our post-turkey experience nearly every Christmas that I can remember involves…turkey soup, turkey curry, turkey stir fry, turkey risotto, turkey fricassee, turkey gratin….
    and that’s just Boxing Day (26/12)
    My much loved and much missed father used to fry up Christmas pudding (very rich and fruit laden steamed affair) for Boxing Day breakfast, – which was OK because nobody but he was ever up for breakfast on Boxing Day anyway.
    Hope you had a really happy time xx

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