It Starts

The holiday madness has started. On the way home from our knitters’ group at church last night, I saw Christmas lights on houses.

It’s really, really dark here. You can see the appeal of extra electric lights. I even enjoy listening to secular Christmas music, if it’s any good at all. But what do they really have to do with Christmas?

On the web, I read about Jerry Falwell’s attempts to convince us that Christmas is under attack. Good grief. And then I saw something about “The Committee to Save Merry Christmas,” a group organizing boycotts of stores that don’t hang signs saying “Merry Christmas.”

For goodness sake, haven’t these people ever read The Grinch?


“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “means a little bit more.”

Apparently it doesn’t mean more than that to some people who profess to be Christian. They will only be happy if they see multi-colored, lighting-up signs containing the word “Christ” displayed all over the mall. Because that will really get the message of the Incarnation across, won’t it?

It’s my plan to boycott stores that give in to them

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  1. I could not agree more. I personally *prefer* “Happy Holidays” because I would just as soon there be as much distance as possible between the plasticine faux joy-fest that passes for Christmas out in the marketplace and what the holiday is actually about.
    Salon had a great article about this, and the letters were excellent. Permit me to quote this one: Since the ascendancy of George Bush’s new Christian coalition, I have struggled to understand who these war-loving, oil-company-admiring, tax-cuts-for-the-rich Christians are. Now, this article has given me a useful handle on them. They’re secular consumerists, who are offended that Wal-Mart does not exploit one of the most sacred days on their liturgical calendar aggressively enough, for the purpose of selling foot massagers, video games and Bratz dolls.
    Not to put too fine a point on it…

  2. Hey, I think I’ll join you in that boycott. How do folks think this in anyway promotes Christianity to folks unfamiliar with it? It’s not about communicating a message of faith. It’s about showing muscle….”Pay attention to us; we’re a block of consumers you can’t ignore. Bow to our wishes or we’ll break you!” I’m weary of it. It’s everywhere down here.

  3. FM, I believe it’s “down there” that I heard that people last year were practically shouting “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to one another to get their loud point across.
    It’s of a piece with those who yell “UNDER GOD!” during the pledge. Thank you so much for making a caricature of yourself; it saves others the trouble.
    MAN I’m surly these days.

  4. OK one more comment and then I’ll let it go… is anyone else feeling the urge to buy a bunch of American Girl stuff just to show your support?
    I was really wanting to hold off on the AG merchandise because I’ve heard it’s like heroin for little girls… but if we hadn’t already gotten some stuff for little C I’d be totally ready to take the plunge.

  5. This is a tough one for me. The Princess has tons of AG stuff, is probably on the verge of outgrowing it, but I also want to support them. So maybe it’s okay to do that, since they are so cool? (The right answer to that question might make it possible for me to shop.)
    Just don’t make me stop buying the yarn, please, I’m begging you.

  6. “The Committee to Save Merry Christmas”??? Puh-leeez. How could anyone think that a “holiday” that starts (in stores, at least) BEFORE Halloween and goes til the end of Decemeber is in any danger of disappearing?

  7. Yikes! “Christ” in lights all over the mall just seems scary. Is nothing sacred?
    And. yea . . . the AG-thing is pretty tempting. I keep getting catalogs from them and thinking “I should get one of those baby baby dolls for little-girl-in-our-house” as a show of support,” but I just so cringe at them otherwise.

  8. Hi, lostinthemiddle!
    Apparently it’s okay for politico-religious right folk to forget the meaning of “Christ” in “Christmas” as long as the stores are sure to include it.
    The Princess has read quite a few of the American Girl books, and while they are certainly not literature, the girls are spunky and determined and smart and loyal, good qualities to aspire to for anyone.
    #2 Son on the AG boycott by conservative groups: “Of course if you empower girls they will be all ready for some lesbian loving.” Pause. “I can’t believe I just said that.”
    Since The Princess has three American Girls, will she be a Double Triple Lesbian? I mean, come on, Samantha and Nellie? Totally gay.

  9. Oh, I agree, Songbird … the merchandising of the American Girls is consumerism at its worst, but the books are good for their genre (and better than, say, “Goosebumps”), and the dolls at least look like little girls, versus, say, the Bratz dolls, which will never darken my doorstep.
    Her Ladyship will be getting another doll this year, and four or five accessories … I’d rather give my money to AG than Toys ‘r Us.
    (#2 son. Hee.)

  10. But seriously, The Princess already has Nellie and Samantha, as well as Felicity. Now she would like to have Felicity’s friend, Elizabeth. Also some new pearls for her Add-a-Pearl, but I think that’s going to wait for her birthday. You have to buy a certain number to have them strung, and we’re probably too late for Christmas anyway. And, frankly, I think it has enough pearls already for someone who is 10 years old.
    I fear that when I look at the AG catalog, I will be overwhelmed by all the Williamsburg-y goodness of Felicity’s friend (Elizabeth?). After all, I did attend The College of Knowledge in Virginia.

  11. If Falwell, et al, can’t convince their followers that Christianity is under attack, then they can’t raise beaucoup dollars from fearful idiots who think God needs us to protect Her.

  12. Just stopping by again to say Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a great day. Know that I count you among those I’m grateful for this year!

  13. here it’s so dark. the lights make a difference. I hate the coloured ones, but lights inthe windows of home really ministers to me – because Jesus in our light and shines and because of Him the darkness recedes 🙂
    be blessed as you celebrate thanksgiving. We have loads to thank Him for 🙂

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