Hopes and Fears

Have you ever had a Tarot Card reading? In the Celtic Cross spread, there is a position that some readers call “Hopes and Fears.” I’m feeling a little of each today.

First, some hopeful things:

1) The nice tenants are moving out of Small Church’s parsonage, which is a disappointment. The rental market in City By the Sea is a bit soft at the moment. But in the past 24 hours I’ve had five calls from potential tenants and feel more optimistic.

2) Baby, the cat who peed, has turned into Baby, the cat who purrs. Feliway seems to be working well for her, and therefore working well for all of us.

3) #1 Son found a ride home for Thanksgiving Break, so I don’t have to do a 7.5 hour round trip to pick him up Wednesday.


4) Pure Luck likes my hair color; he just didn’t like how flat it was after the hairdresser blew it dry.

5) I finally got interested in planning worship for the Advent and Christmas season. Talk about cutting it close!

6) I had an inspiration in the shower about worship this coming Sunday. I always try to make the Sunday after Thanksgiving something amusing, since it tends to be a smaller crowd. Two years ago we adapted a puppet show in the Sunday School curriculum about cleaning the house for Advent, and one of my deacons came into the sanctuary during the reading of the Scripture lesson running the vacuum. That day is a fond memory for many people, some of whom thought she had lost her ever-loving mind. It’s hard to live up to that one, but I came up with something I’ll share later in the week; Pure Luck, who occasionally will be a reader at church, agreed to be part of it.

A few things still causing some concern:

1) #2 Son borrowed a nice merino wool sweater from his dad, an old Brooks Brothers v-neck. Last night he threw it in the wash with his other clothes. Then he put it in the dryer. Let’s just say it’s a wee bit smaller than it was. Is it time for me to learn how to block a sweater?

2) I’ve started The Princess’ Christmas sweater (a Weasley), and I love the yarn, but may I just say that size 5 needles are really small and I’m worried about whether I’ll find enough knitting hours to get it done.

3) I’m still not particularly enthusiastic about Christmas shopping, but it seems unfair to my own kids that I have found gifts for most of their eight cousins and not for them (except the sweater, see above). Do I still have time to pull it together? Will they accept a streamlined Christmas due to the–well, due to their mother’s feelings about the state of the world? I thought they got it, right up until The Princess told me she wanted to get rid of a lot of the old toys in her room…to make room before Christmas. Ack!

9 thoughts on “Hopes and Fears”

  1. You sound like you have it together–knowing everything you have to do is half the battle. I think you’ll get it all in time. Wow, are you busy!

  2. Lucky Baby to live in your home!
    Insofar as Christmas is going, you’re not alone. PH’s sweater is nowhere near done, but I’ve already warned him about that. I’ve gotten next to nothing done for everyone else yet. One nephew taken care of, and one gift each for PH, StrongOpinions and Litigator, and nothing else yet. Drat – I’m normally mostly done by now. Ah, well, maybe I can find some interesting things while I’m away for Thanksgiving.

  3. No progress on Christmas here AT ALL…neither services,presents nor food. Excuse is TeenWonder’s birthday on Thursday, which always has to pass before I can really gear up for Christmas…but I do need to get Advent services sorted,and have less motivation than a dead jellyfish.
    Oh well.
    Onwards and upwards, I guess…

  4. I just came from a really good lectionary group meeting (2 of us over breakfast; everyone else already on the move for Thanksgiving or entertaining relatives). I’m going to address all the darkness in which we find ourselves, using four voices (a layperson, Pure Luck, The Princess, and either #1 Son or myself, depending on when he heads back to school). We’ll end on a note of the glimmering of hope, having The Princess light the first Advent candle at the end of the message. How does that sound?

  5. Basically all I want to do is knit things. But since I have a job, there are not enough hours left for knitting things for everyone in my family. I am working on sweaters for the two younger children and a pair of mittens to go with The Princess’ Gryffindor scarf. But what to do for #1 Son and Pure Luck? (Who both read this…) My enthusiasm for consumer spending is low. I guess if I visited my local independent bookseller I would be swayed to spend some dollars.

  6. I read this earlier and missed the part about Baby being happier due to the influence of Feliway. That is very good news.

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