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RevGal Friday Five: Pies

We have a bag of organic Gala apples on the counter, and the collective mind of the Songbird family is turning to pie. So for this Friday, which is a holiday for us, I invite you to reflect on some kinds of pie: love them? hate them? neutral? Share a story about a special pie in your life.

1) Apple Pie–The men in my life all love apple pie. I prefer a crumb topping, but they like piecrust all the way, baby. Best apple pie story is this: when I was quite pregnant with #2 Son, his dad and I did a lot of cooking and filled the freezer for those hectic days to come. This included some extremely nice apple pies. When the baby was about a month old, my in-laws were over for dinner, and I suggested we get a pie out of the freezer. My father-in-law, who is a bit of a food snob, seemed to be resistant to eating the pie, but politely took a piece. After the first bite, his face lit up. “This is surprisingly good,” he remarked. “Thanks a lot!” I replied. Turns out he thought since it came out of the freezer it was a Mrs. Smith’s.

2) Cherry Pie–bleh. I’m just not that into cherries.

3) Pumpkin Pie–Aren’t they wonderful? The first pumpkin pie I made was a revelation. I couldn’t believe that mess of ingredients would actually come together to be a pie.

4) Chocolate Cream Pie–At the last church supper, one of the ladies sent in her famous chocolate cream pie, the kind that isn’t just sloppy pudding with Cool Whip on top, but a real pie with a homemade crust and decorative whipped topping of a substantial nature. Sadly, it was delivered late and never sliced. Happily, it was still around the next day and someone said, “Reverend Songbird, don’t you want to take the pie home?” Yum yum!!

5) Pecan Pie–Served at every Christmas dinner of my life until I moved away from my home state of Virginia. I never appreciated it as a child, but now I enjoy a very small piece.

Bonus Question: Do you have a favorite kind of pie not on this admittedly short list?
I love Key Lime Pies.

10 thoughts on “RevGal Friday Five: Pies”

  1. Apple: Obviously the classic fruit pie. I like it with ice cream but fail to understand the cheese on the pie thing, which is hilarious considering where I live.
    Cherry: Take it or leave it. I’ll eat it to be polite, but otherwise, nope. It is OEH’s favorite, though.
    Pumpkin: My beloved grandmother, whom I dearly, dearly loved and miss terribly used to make the pumpkin pies every T-giving. They were dreadful. Watery stuff in the center, with a blackened crust. Nevertheless, we were required to not only eat some, but to tell her how delicious it was. Old habits die hard. I will eat a tiny sliver of whatever pumpkin pie is placed in front of me every year, looking heavenward and winking. I’m sure she knows by now how really bad they were.
    Chocolate: Only if it made with real chocolate. I make a mean French Silk pie.
    Pecan: I have waxed and waned on this one. Lately I have found it much, much too sweet.
    Others: Key Lime, Lemon (not into meringue, though), and my dad has a gooseberry pie every year for his birthday, instead of cake. I don’t like it, but it has certain sentimental value in our family.

  2. “Reverend Songbird, don’t you want to take the pie home?”
    Uh, where’s the nearest divinity school?
    –insert winky guy here–
    With the exception of mincemeat, I never met a pie I didn’t like.

  3. Hee!
    It comes, I think, of being a member of the Episcopal church with the highest mix of GLB/straight parishioners. The cathedral gets publicity for having an openly gay dean, and that draws all the protesters to them, and we are awfully grateful, cause we’re so tiny that we really wouldn’t want to deal…
    ..or perhaps I was just typing with my mouth full.

  4. rm, it gets worse. While I was still in the hospital, the in-laws came to help with #1 Son, and instead of doing the nice parental thing of cooking or buying take-out, they ate one of the dinners from the freezer!! Sheesh.

  5. My brother and I both favor cherry pie over apple pie. My mother finds this somewhat vexing as she is enormously fond of apple pie and, if it comes down to a vote, she will usually lose. 🙂
    I also love a really good pecan pie – preferably one made by a good family friend of ours. She makes the best pecan pies in the entire world.
    I’m also rather fond of pumpkin pie (with plenty of whipped cream on top). Key lime pies are okay in book, too. The peach raspberry pie mentioned above sounds delicious – mmmmmmmm!
    Hungry all of sudden, for some reason.

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