Prayers for Sarah

Today I had an e-mail from Chaplain Friend. Our Prayer Shawl Knitters have given her some prayer shawls to distribute at her discretion. This morning she gave one to Sarah, and Sarah wanted to know more about who knit this beautiful dark purple shawl. Chaplain Friend wondered if I would stop in to see Sarah, since I was going to the hospital for a meeting this afternoon anyway.

Sarah is 53, mother of a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl. They have a stepfather who is not really a father figure and a father who is not much of a father. Sarah is very, very ill with pancreatic cancer. The prognosis is not good.

She’s on a lot of pain medication, and thoughts seem to fly in and out of focus for her. But the shawl is something concrete, not a name she can forget or a plan she cannot make or a word that just won’t come across her lips, but a warm and beautiful symbol of love. She expressed wonder that we wanted her to have it, that people are so kind to her in her illness.

“Isn’t it amazing,” I said, “that even though this world seems so full of anger and disaster, there is so much love that circulates, too?”

We both had tears in our eyes.

When you say your prayers next, however you say them, please remember Sarah. I cannot forget her.

11 thoughts on “Prayers for Sarah”

  1. Prayer shawls offer such a tender kind of caring, and they are so deeply appreciated.
    I’m glad that you and Sarah met. I’ll pray for her, as well as for you in your continuing ministry.

  2. It is a grace that in a world surging with the negative, Love co-exists and even transcends it. Peace to you. You and Sarah are in my meditations.

  3. I remain amazed at the power of handknitted gifts, especially prayer shawls.
    (And I see we’ve both signed up for the holiday knitalong! Yay.)

  4. Emily, I must be a madwoman to think I can knit two sweaters for Christmas, especially considering I don’t know where to find the Rowan Felted Tweed for the Weasley I hope to knit for The Princess. Maybe I should have planned on socks, instead.

  5. I haven’t knitted for ages. This post has inspired me. Could you email me a copy of the pattern?
    Praying for Sarah already.
    I popped in here to thank you for swinging by my place. I’ve been having a day full of doubts, anxieties and worries about ministry so what I posted in reply might make no sense at all.
    Then I came here -read your post and realised why I’m called to serve God. Thank you – more than you can know.

  6. Doesn’t Harlot have a post somewhere about how many stitches there are in a sock, that they’re not actually a “small” project at all?
    Good luck with the Felted Tweed.

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