Look, look! A Book!

When I came home from church today, there was a brown box on the front steps. I felt an unexpected thrill. Might it be the book?

Reader, it was!!

I am almost embarassed to admit how excited I was to open it and look at the pages with reflection pieces credited to my nom de plume. I was as giddy as a Victorian maiden attending her first ball! I was as lighthearted as Ebenezer Scrooge when he realizes it is still Christmas!!!

I want to say I was as gay as something, because I really like the old-fashioned way of using that word, too, and in that nuance it would give you a true picture of my delight, but it just doesn’t do to use it that way anymore, does it?

I was happy.

I’m resisting the urge to start reading it, saving it up for Advent, which will be here in a scant three weeks. If you would like a copy, there are two links at your fingertips. Any funds realized above the expenses will be going to Hurricane Katrina relief.

I wrote some things. And they are in a book.

“I’m as merry as a school-boy!!”

22 thoughts on “Look, look! A Book!”

  1. I am just a goofball about the whole thing. #2 Son takes issue that he is grouped with his little sister as a “precocious sermon critic.” He feels he is not precocious and she is not a valid critic, precocious or otherwise. I stand by my bio.

  2. I am just terribly impressed that revmom can remember the dance of joy (words too?) I can only remember it happening–but then dance steps have never been my forte

  3. Gord, I’m telling you, this big ‘ol melon head of mine is a goldmine for worthless info and insignificant trivia. (Is that redundant?)
    “I’m as happy as a little girl.”
    Remember that one?
    Hint: “Want to touch my monkey? Touch it!”

  4. Typepad has been suffering Comments seize-ups. I can’t even get into the site at the moment, but when I do, I’ll delete extras.

  5. It is all WAY too much fun.
    I have managed not to read through the whole thing… but it is getting harder to fight the temptation.

  6. The giddiness over here is palpable. Congratulations! Sounds like fun. My perfectionist self will someday be conquered enough to submit something for publication. Until then, I will be forever unpublished because of the evil-editor-self!

  7. Well, that’s just silly, Friday Mom. Go over and sign up for the Ordinary Time book. (Bears are also invited, particularly of the polar variety.)

  8. RM, its just as well we have never met IRL. We would be spastically trying to out “line” one another!
    For someone who was just a little sprout in the 80s, you’re very good!
    (As opposed me, who was “legal” then.)

  9. dancing with you all
    and asking for prayer that the ones to Finland and England and other European places will not take longer than the three weeks we have left.
    Lord here this prayer Amen

  10. Awesome!
    And the foreward by RLP? I personally consider that a special bonus!
    I’ll have to make plans to order this…

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