Fair Friday Five

As I go into the office to attempt sermon-writing while preparations for the Church Fair take place underfoot, I offer up this Fair-themed Friday Five for your amusement and participation (and if you don’t do church fairs, feel free to substitute a craft fair experience):

1) Favorite thing about Church Fairs

I love the knit table!! (That is probably not surprising.)

2) Best Item Ever at a Church Fair

Two years ago I got some fantastic fleece scarves made by one of my dear homebound ladies. They were trimmed with a beaded ribbon. My sisters-in-law loved them!!

3) Opinion of cotton dishcloths, that staple of Church Fairs everywhere

They are addictive to knit, mostly come in colors I find icky, and are reasonably useful in the kitchen.

4) Major Lunch Offering at your fair or the last fair you attended

That would be corn chowder. My last church as a layperson did fish chowder. Wow! It was good.

5) Worst Item Ever at a Church Fair

Little wooden outhouses with some sort of little “joke” attached. I think I lost a church member over my criticism of these outhouses, but honestly!! The man who made them is so clever; the next year he came back with adorable reindeer planters, a much better use of his carpentry skills.

Silent Auction Bonus Question: Have you ever accidentally purchased more than you really wanted at a silent auction?

Umm, yes. In trying to bid up an item made by a friend, I ended up with a fairly expensive baby quilt. This wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d actually had a baby in mind. It ended up going to my husband’s ex-wife when she had a baby, an extraordinarily weird destination. She liked it, which was even more weird.

Also, when #1 Son was ten and I was doing Field Education, he got very excited about the silent auction at Field Ed Church’s fair. We spent quite a lot for two Key Lime pies, and we never even got the second one.

12 thoughts on “Fair Friday Five”

  1. Oh, man, I’ve encountered the outhouses, too. Haven’t been to many church or craft fairs, but there’s something about miniature outhouses and the South–they just show up everywhere.
    As do prints of small chidren sitting on chamber pots. Shudder.

  2. Did this over at my place, but in the interest of being redundant:
    1) Favorite thing about Church Fairs
    So far, the favorite thing about the church fairs (and other fair-like events) at St. Stoic is that I get to see what other people, who have been doing this for years, do best. The Chicken BBQ, the juried Art Fair, and the Silent Auction (happening this Sunday) are all lay-led events. What’s not to like about people using their talents?
    2) Best Item Ever at a Church Fair
    Last year at the Art Fair, which was 7 weeks after I started at St. Stoic, I got a beautiful ceramic relief of the front of the church building. It was the first thing I used to decorate my church office when it was finished a month or so later, and I think it will be the first thing I use to decorate every office I have from now on.
    3) Opinion of cotton dishcloths, that staple of Church Fairs everywhere
    Although not a staple of either the Art Fair or the Auction, there is a drawer full of them at St. Stoic that get pressed into service at the Chicken BBQ. They are incredibly ugly.
    4) Major Lunch Offering at your fair or the last fair you attended
    At the Art Fair, there is a booth that is run by St. Stoic where we sell the best smoked brisket you ever tasted. The beef is raised, butchered, trimmed, and smoked by one of the members of the search committee that brought me here. No hum-drum burgers or hotdogs for this crowd! Sunday’s offering will be chili.
    5) Worst Item Ever at a Church Fair
    This year there will be a nativity set on the Auction that has caused some hurt feelings, I’m afraid. Someone donated it to church last year and demanded that it be displayed. We have no decent place to display it, and it is so very tiny for the sanctuary space as to be un-useful. The person got very hurt by that, took it back last week and put it on the church Auction block. But I think the resentment lingers, unfortunately. To complicate matters, it is by an artist that I do not know about, was very expensive, and I was not as impressed by the $$$ value of the “gift” as I was supposed to be. Oy!

  3. a totally foreign culture I’m afraid
    we have myyiäiset here – which are like Christmas sales of work – but not in our local church
    I love the hand knitted socks best. There are often beautifully crafted hand made Christmas cards that make me feel guilty!
    mostly these are to raise money for mission
    In our local churches we do fellowship lunches instead and they are popular and good for us as a church family. You’d be amazed at what good stuff comes out of a truly abysmal kitchen. (which we are about to renovate but which will still be about 1/4 of the size we need. only three people can squeeze in at once. I kid you not and we serve about 100 people lunch on mission days!)

  4. I missed the fall festival this year b/c of Entropy being sick and have no, zero, zilch dishclothes to get me through the year. How much are yours and I’ll send a check…..

  5. I have one of those outhouses in my office. A very heartfelt gift from my father in law. He thinks I am funny, but just doesn’t know me very well. He tried so hard…
    (Which is why it is still in my office.)

  6. The fair is mostly set up, just a few little finishing touches left for the morning. I love the way it all comes together after a total panic sometime late Friday afternoon.
    Fairs are huge here in Maine, in all denominations. Every weekend from now until mid-December there will be church fairs each Saturday. I think I went to a total of one as a child, something I may blog about later in the weekend, when the craziness is over.

  7. Not only am I completely without a sermon, the fair itself was a bit of a bust. Let’s just say I’m not a very cheerful bird at the moment.

  8. oh Songbird. Quick prayer now. Lord give her what You want her to have. Praying for you in the mornign when I get up. bed now

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