Thursday on the Couch with Princess

The Princess is not feeling well. She had to borrow a phone to call home after school yesterday, and Pure Luck drove over to find her sitting forlornly on a bench, complaining of an achey and dizzy head. During the evening she began to run a fever.

So today we are both at home. We await a call back from the doctor’s office. I will administer Motrin and fluids. Each of us has an end of the couch in the living room. Mary Poppins is on the DVD player. It was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre, so it’s a special treat to be at home watching it on a Thursday morning. The family gave me the DVD for Christmas last year, as we had about worn out our videocassette.

The Princess is so much more sophisticated than I was at 10. “Mom,” she says about
Dick Van Dyke as Bert, “his accent is really terrible.”

Well, it is. But I never knew that when I was 3 or 10 or probably 25.

Meanwhile, I’m also checking in on the blogosphere and wanted to point my readers to some things I appreciated this morning.

First, a plug for Dylan’s Lectionary Blog, where she both has a great joke about Jesus blogging, and some helpful material for the gospel lesson this week. I had already decided to preach it, but I’m also not planning to work on it today. (Hold me to it, self!! There’s always tomorrow for sermons to come true.)

Next, if you haven’t been to visit Knit Together: Homage to Hestia, I hope you will. Kathryn (not our English RevGal, but a new blogging friend) has been posting Art Every Day, and I particularly liked yesterday’s entry. I am not much of a Hestia in terms of enjoying the wide range of domestic arts, but I do feel I am cultivating Hestia (as I think Jean Shinoda Bolen put it) with my knitting.

Last, Pure Luck has made a side trip from his obsessive reading of Daily Kos to visit Street Prophets, a newish blog where politics and faith are being discussed. (He comments there under one of his many nicknames, Thameron. Fantastic prizes to anyone outside my family who knows the derivation of that one.) We spent most of last evening talking about what good is, what God is, how they differ and how they are one and the same. This follows quickly on a long dialogue about just what it means to love God with all your heart, soul and mind. Try having this conversation with someone who does not share your view of God; you will want to lie down.

So perhaps a day on the couch is not a bad thing.

Bert is dancing in his silly pants with the penguins now, so I have to go.



19 thoughts on “Thursday on the Couch with Princess”

  1. Oh, I used to love those days with a slightly ailing child watching videos by the fire…there are howling gales here, so it looks an extra attractive option. Give the Princess my love and hopes for a speedy recovery (but not before you’ve watched all the rainy day films you need to 🙂 )

  2. We’re contemplating perusing the directory for Movies on Demand…and, oh, I hadn’t thought of a fire, what a great idea, Kathryn!

  3. I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to make a sick day sound appealing.
    “Thursday on the Couch with Princess”–that’s that Beatles song that was about an acid trip, right?

  4. Heehee, rm. I was thinking more pointillistically, as in “Sunday in the Park with George.”
    We are still working our way through the extras on the Poppins DVD, which are fantastic.

  5. We learned that it was originally supposed to be four waiters, but Walt Disney said, “Waiters look like penguins. Why don’t we have penguins?” That man was brilliant.

  6. Be well, Princess. But you have great taste in movies. And Dick Van Dyke’s accent is so very sad. Even Henry Higgins couldn’t have saved it.

  7. Charmingly, in one of the Bonus Features, he names that about himself and thanks the English for being so forgiving. 🙂

  8. The part with the penguins–That is my daughters FAVORITE part… When she was four months old, I was watching Mary Poppins for Nostalgia’s sake… and she busts out the giggles. Very good stuff.
    I hope the Princess feels better soon.

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