Halloween Hermione

Halloween Hermione
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Here is the finished costume. Last night we put her hair in many little braids to get the big Hermione Hair effect.
I even dared to iron a patch on the sweater. (I’m not usually clever that way.)

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  1. I got it via E-Bay, as part of a set of three. I think I searched for “Gryffindor patch.” This costume was a lot more expense than I would usually go to, but she says she will use the uniform pieces as school clothes (although probably not all together!).

  2. What a great costume! And it’s nice that she choose to dress as someone who is smart and assertive and brave. So many of Halloween costumes make me cringe. I just love this one.

  3. 3 cheers for Hermione! – and guess where I spent this Halloween night… Gloucester Cathedral, whose cloisters they used for parts of Hogwarts. But there were no wizards present, just about 500 enthusiastic teens.

  4. What a fantastic costume and absolutely beautiful girl. She really looks like Hermione … brave, strong and true.
    And well done, Mom for getting the scarf done on time. It’s the crowning touch.

  5. A fellow knitter salutes you! Great job. I’m thinking of trying to complete a Hogwarts appropriate project by the film opening.

  6. Emily, how about a pair of Gryffindor socks knit on the fly? 🙂
    Thanks, everyone. I’m so relieved to find a craft I can do that is useful for Halloween. My sister-in-law whips up beautiful home-sewn costumes, year after year, while I rummage through the closet for old and odd stuff. For once, she’s not just pleased, but pleased with her mom.

  7. terrific stuff songbird 🙂
    interesting to see if she will wear the gear to school. In the UK and Australia where school uniforms are still common – they do what they can to wriggle out of it – many schools have a uniform free day to raise money for charity, then they all wear another uniform – jeans!!
    here we dont have uniforms at all. as a mum and a teacher I’d be for it but it’ll never happen.
    the scarf is great and the hair – she’s a beautiful girl 🙂

  8. I’m waaaay impressed. Not only is the costume completely cool, but you knitted part of it yourself. You get mega-mom points.

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