12 thoughts on “Beautiful Witch”

  1. rm, I’ll take that as a compliment!
    Her costume was a big hit at school today. Five kindergarten girls ran up to hug her on the playground! One snotty little girl, however, asked her what had happened to her Time-Turner.

  2. She looks more like Hermione than the actress in the films. I will forevermore picture the Princess when reading the books.
    And I have to concur with rm. The likeness is stunning in this photo.
    I hope the Princess performed a Leg-Lock spell on the snotty girl.

  3. I love the costume, and WHAT a BEAUTIFUL daughter you have. She really is just gorgeous!
    You are very clever with the costume making abilities, and the scarf is perfection, of course!

  4. Great costume! Your daughter is simply stunning, just like her momma! And the Griffindor scarf is the best!

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