Oh, the Indignity!

Oh, the Indignity!
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Molly somehow tore her ear (ouch!) while at doggie day care on Thursday; we think she hurt it on a branch during a walk in the woods. Now she has three stitches in her left ear and must wear the silly collar for 7-10 days.
This is a repeat of Halloween 2003, when she had an ear flap hematoma on the other ear. That year I had a Halloween costume for her (a Princess, of course), but she could not wear it.
I’m not so ambitious this year. The costume for The Princess was quite enough. (Pictures Monday!)

9 thoughts on “Oh, the Indignity!”

  1. but think – you could decorate the collar for hallowe’en … reminds me of an inverted cone of silence! remember that anyone??? from the re-runs ofcourse! ROFL

  2. You know, she does seem to have a certain wounded dignity even in an Elizabethan collar! Perhaps a tiara to go with it?

  3. Oh, sad.
    Hey, how was the sermon? I was thinking of you this morning (albeit that being too late, due to the time difference).

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