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Molly Knits

Molly knits?
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Hello, Friends of Mom. I thought you might like to see how hard I am working to help my Mom knit scarves and things for the church fair. My brother is not helpful. Mom made a lot of pretty dishcloths, and he ate some of them!!
Boys are silly.
I am making this beautiful scarf out of Smart Superwash, using two strands at a time and a ribbed pattern. The yellow came from my human sister’s Halloween scarf, and Mom says the pink has been sitting around for a long, long time and my human sister is too big for it to make a sweater anymore.
Do you like to knit?

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  1. Dear Angry Pregnant Lawyer,
    Thank you for saying I’m pretty! As it happens, you must be right, because so many people tell me the same thing every day.
    Come to visit and I will share with you The Paws of Love.
    Your pretty friend,

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