Tune in Tomorrow

Friends, I had hoped to write something that would illuminate or titillate or at least mildly amuse, but I came home to more puppy poopies to clean off the floor of Pure Luck’s office, an area already assaulted twice last night by the pungent poo of the overgrown pup we call Sam. And the “bidness” of a 115-pound pooch is no puny process, rather an oversized outcome.

If you really want to know more, visit the Wednesday Whining thread over at Phantom’s place.

Tune in tomorrow for reflections on what the world needs now…

Updated to add a plug for Pilgrim/Heretic’s Western Civ Survey Quote Quiz, which I could not pass, but enjoyed reading nonetheless.

7 thoughts on “Tune in Tomorrow”

  1. The Princess and the Poo, the resounding sequel to the incomparable Princess and the Pee.

  2. It’s pretty gross, but not as bad as the time all three children had a horrible virus with vomiting at the same time. That was the worst ever. (We lost a rug to that one, too.)

  3. Our house has just been visited with the “Dog pees with excitement when he sees Mister-Mister come in the door” experience for the first time. I’m told that this is hard to break. Any suggestions?
    (And yes, the dog had just been taken out to pee some 45 minutes earlier.)

  4. Ewww! This pretty much demonstrates why my dogs have always been on the small side. The mess is still stinky – but, generally speaking, there’s not as much of it to pick up.

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