11 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. And is he going to use it to kill himself? Because that’s the mood around here until we find the thing that may be our only hope for getting the dryer going without a service call.

  2. Also, I have apparently lost a pair of blue jeans. They have simply disappeared. And, no, they can’t have been sucked into the dryer like missing socks, since I wouldn’t dare dry them that way!

  3. Pure Luck, I was counting on you! I have a vision of it on a shelf somewhere, maybe on top of the bookcase in your office? Of course it isn’t there now.

  4. Sorry My Songbird, but I don’t use that particular attachment because… well insert euphemism here.
    In other news it looks like since I will be the last man standing here at Millstone (others on the crew are going to different jobs) it is likely that I will in fact be staying until Saturday. That will be what I plan on until it changes again tomorrow. Sigh.

    ::cue Gloria Gaynor music::
    Oh, all right. If that’s the way it has to be, I will survive.
    #1, it is not on those shelves. I did, however, discover that the shampoo attachment array includes a handy-dandy upholstery cleaner, so #2 and I are looking forward to tackling “Molly’s” chair.

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