Today’s Emotional Weather Report: Mostly Sunny

Last week I was hardly at church at all: getaway to see Pure Luck on Monday, travel back and out-of-office meetings on Tuesday, working at home to take care of the sick Princess on Wednesday, sick day of my own on Thursday–not much of a week. It’s hard to remember who I am, or rather who my Priestly Self is, when I am doing all my work from the chaos of home. I prefer a blend and seem to do better when I have it.

Monday was a holiday and I cleaned the house in preparation for an onslaught of teenagers, who spent the afternoon here baking a cake and watching Rushmore.

Yesterday was a work day, but did not provide a tonic for my ailment because so many domestic issues impinged.

Today was a better day. As The Father of My Children pointed out when I was having a fit on the phone last night (and that was before the stuff with the phone calls and the dryer), to do my work well, I need time to myself for thinking, planning, writing. Why, some praying might be good, too, don’t you think? And how about getting outdoors into God’s good creation?

Today I got all those things. The kids got off to school smoothly. Molly and Sam and I ran into Sam’s brother, Wally, at the dog park, and there was a high quotient of Berner fun. This morning at the office I got a number of things squared away, did some reading, organized that looming pile on the right hand side and disposed of the unread mail on the left. I made some good contacts via phone. I interacted with the Nursery School staff.

At lunchtime I came home to let the dogs out, talked on the phone with Pure Luck (who says he will likely be home in ten days! Yay!) then did some reading and writing until the kids came home from school. Molly, Sam and I had a great visit to the bigger and better dog park with my sister-in-law, nephew and dog cousin Beagle Luna, while The Princess and her girl cousin had their choral rehearsal.

Then this evening I got to participate in Bible Study without being the leader. Rev Fun and I are hoping to graft some of his folks onto my existing Bible Study group, and although no one from his church came this week, he was the leader, and it was great! (And I almost don’t even mind!) After it was over, I told him how nice it had been for me, and he said he had really enjoyed the reverse arrangement last week. I have been very clear that I wanted some trustworthy feedback about what I’m doing well or not well in my pastoral role, and here comes the chance to interact with a colleague who will be able to help with that.

Next I got to come home without staying for choir. I haven’t been singing with them, mostly because I was horrifically hoarse, but I have to say they sounded incredibly good without me the past two weeks and I am happy to let it go.

For dinner, there were delicious leftovers. Yay, me! I cooked enough for more than one night!

And in a few minutes my passionate object of desire will be on TV.

All in all, a mostly sunny day.

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  1. Make that seven or six days according to the latest rumor… stay tuned to this station for important updates.

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