Creepy Call-ies

It’s a little early for Halloween, but I am creeped out tonight.

Let me begin by saying I am not a person who enjoys scary stuff. I don’t like scary movies or scary books or scary things. My children have never dressed up as anything particularly spooky for Halloween, and no fake blood has been employed except when #2 Son went as a murdered mime a couple of years ago.

Tonight the phone started ringing about 9:50 and for the next 15 minutes it rang every few minutes for a total of about 8 times. And every time there was silence at the other end, or breathing. Once someone mumbled “Hello.” I got #2 Son to answer in his deepest voice. (He admitted he was no Pure Luck when it comes to the deep voice, but he gave it a manly effort.) Even after that, the phone rang again.

#2 Son wondered if we should try *67? I said, “Don’t you mean *69? I’m not sure we have it on Time Warner digital phone.” We also didn’t have phone service most of Saturday afternoon, when all the Time Warner services in our area went down during the rainstorm. We did a Web Search to try and find out, and he wondered what would happen if we dialed “0.” I honestly don’t know.

Tomorrow I’m going out to get a phone with Caller ID. (Also a new toaster, but that’s another story. Okay, the story is I threw my malfunctioning toaster away, because I knew Pure Luck had one in the garage. Except that it’s in Connecticut with him. So my action may have been a bit premature.)

I don’t like living in a world where my 9th grader says, “I don’t think I have a stalker. Do you have a stalker?”

And then I don’t like thinking, “Hmm. Could I have a stalker? My name is on those newspaper columns. It’s on a sign in front of the church.”

And then I don’t like hearing #2 Son say, “I wish I had a shotgun.” He’s kidding, but he’s not, because this was creepy!!

I realize that I’m of a mind to be terrorized because every time I turn on the television, the stakes are being raised by the scary news of the world. I hope this was just an obnoxious idiot, and that is the likely explanation.

Anyway, our doors are locked, and the car is locked, and I’m hoping to go to bed and rest, but probably with a phone close at hand.

I did solve the mystery of *67. It’s Caller ID block, that thing you use when you’re pranking someone, so they won’t know who’s calling. Should I be surprised that a 9th grader has heard of it?

8 thoughts on “Creepy Call-ies”

  1. I’m so sorry. This is not what you need when you’re taking care of everything yourself. Caller ID is a truly wonderful invention. It has saved many a telemarketer from my rudeness. My policy is if the number is blocked, I don’t answer the phone.
    I hope tonight is the end of the calls.

  2. Oh, Songbird, I’m sorry too. With any luck it’s just a bored kid who struck the jackpot with someone who would actually *answer* the phone. Lord knows I don’t.
    Caller ID is one of the great achievements of Western civillization.

  3. I’m afraid the only cure for the creeping anxiety is Pure Luck.
    (I’m only pouting a little. He won’t be gone too much longer.)

  4. Oh, poor you. Horrible feeling. Hope you went safely to sleep in the end.
    We had a horrible phase at the old address when we got alot of silly calls, which sounded as if someone was working their way through a dictionary of obscene words…It was kids, we were even fairly sure we knew who they were. Though it wasn’t scary, it was disquieting to feel that they saw us as “different” enough to be the butt of this type of silliness, and I hated the feeling that those I wouldn’t have invited into my home could get in at any time via the phone (as we ran a Bed and Breakfast at the time, there was no way that I could avoid taking all the calls)Sympathetic hugs x

  5. Oh Songbird, that stinks. I hope the Caller ID brings some relief… we don’t ever answer our phone anymore either unless we recognize the number, and it’s made life much more pleasant.

  6. Caller ID has been a boon to our household. We screen calls this way and only answer calls from familiar names and numbers. Of course, being a pastor, this would be hard. You interact with so many more folks, and your job is to be available to the world. At least you’ll get to see the number the prankster is calling from, or can decide not to answer any calls that blocked caller ID.

  7. Ditto on the Caller ID. I wouldn’t live without it now.
    In any case, you’re up in the land of Stephen King, so things seem a bit spookier this time of year…
    Stay safe. You do have some big doggies, so that should make you feel a bit better.

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