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  1. If you read this comment after you arose from the sleep and all is well, then it is safe to go to sleep.
    Sure would want to know what was causing that smoke.

  2. No, I’m wide awake.
    It wasn’t much smoke, and it had that rubbery, electrical sort of smell. It couldn’t have been going on long, since the clothes didn’t smell smoky. I’ve noticed recently that it isn’t drying as efficiently; I guess I should have gotten someone to come take a look at it. How long are dryers supposed to last, I wonder? It’s about 8 years old.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Berner fur is part of the problem.

  3. It may be that you have a bunch of lint stuck behind the regular lint trap. You might pull out the trap and see if there’s more gunk down there. That stuff does need to be cleaned out from time to time to keep your machine safe and effective.
    But a machine should last longer than 8 years, with moderate use. My last dryer was 20 years old and going strong.

  4. I did sleep, sort of, on the couch. Molly Dog was deeply inconvenienced, since that is her “bed,” at least in her opinion.
    terminal, there is definitely more gunk under the lint screen. Any suggestions for how to get down in there to clean it out?

  5. If your dryer is anything like mine, a bottle brush works well to clean out the extra lint. It must be a bad week for dryers; mine died Saturday morning. I’m hoping it’s just a broken belt.
    Glad to see you got at least some sleep. It’s really time for the husband to return from his travels!

  6. Yep, probably lint. Either that or the hose came detached from the wall and so the dryer isn’t venting and is overheating (and leaving a lovely pile of lint behind your dryer). Both have happened to me.

  7. Pure Luck had recently checked the vent hose, so I’m assuming this is an inside job, so to speak. Sears is coming Saturday afternoon to take a look. Meanwhile, we’ll just be dirty, I guess.

  8. Ack — sounds like the fun night we had last month where the oven filament decided to do a credible imitation of a 4th-of-July sparkler, and it took throwing the breaker to get it to stop. Then at 11:45 pm, one of the smoke detectors decided to announce its battery was low by beeping. Loudly. No sleep until 3 am for Mr. & Mrs. Obscura.
    They don’t make dryers like they used to — I inherited my MIL’s when they retired to FL, and used it for over 10 years, plus however long she’d had it before. But the next one lasted barely that. Tsk.
    Oh, a small thing that will make a big difference in a dryer’s life — every six months, take the lint screen out and wash it, with dish soap, in the sink. Fabric softener coats the screen, making the dryer work harder and harder to suck air through the filter and out the back. You’ll be amazed at how much more water runs through it after you wash it than before you do. That’s why I got a new dryer last Xmas instead of a sapphire ring…
    BTW, the Sears guy will ask you dumb questions and otherwise make you feel like an idiot. Don’t let him mess with your head.

  9. Thank you, Camera, for your good advice. We actually don’t use much fabric softener due to my eczema issues, but I have to use Bounce with Pure Luck’s work-clothes so he doesn’t get shocked in the various screening devices at the power plants. So I’m sure there’s some stuff on the screen.

  10. How cool! I wonder why they don’t sell them in the store? I’ll call them tomorrow (we have one at the mall in Little City Across the Big Bridge).

  11. These comments were good and helpful to me too 🙂
    especially about the fabric conditioner and washing the lint screen
    Kathryn our dryer stopped being efficient last year and yeah there was a huge ball of lint in the wrong place. I dealt with it and it’s been ok ever since.
    but don’t you just hate it that these things (and also snowstorms) happen when hubby is out of town. Grrr. It’s uncanny.

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