Gryffindor Girl

Gryffindor Girl
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Apparently there’s nothing like a completed knitting project to brighten up The Princess’ day. We have almost everything together for her Hermione costume, just waiting for a grey sweater to arrive via UPS.

15 thoughts on “Gryffindor Girl”

  1. Lovely scarf. I really want to be Gatsby, this Halloween; wonder where I can get my hands on a white suit.

  2. EXCELLENT -she’ll be a star!
    wish I’d known you were after a grey school jumper, though…they lurk in unexpected corners in these parts!

  3. Goodwill, Old Son. If you get home for Fall Break, we’ll go shopping!
    Kathryn, I guess you can’t get those Sorceror’s Stone style sweaters anymore, but I did find a school uniform place that has grey here in the states. That was our last-minute purchase, because I forgot there was a sweater!
    We will definitely post the whole thing. Much braiding of hair into teeny little braids has to happen to make her into Hermione, with hopes the world will forgive the lack of bangs.

  4. What a great costume! She’ll make a wonderful Hermione … and the scarf will be the crowning touch. Well done.

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