Five Idiosyncracies

LutheranChik tapped me for this meme; if you haven’t read her blog, go there when you are finished here! Her reflections on the lectionary are particularly powerful.

1) I’m slightly “P” on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, but in new situations I fall back on my mother’s training and become very “J.” Lists and schedules gave her a sense of control over an unpredictable world, and I tried very hard to live her way for many years. In CPE, everyone quickly learned that I had memorized the schedule and the room numbers we needed to know. I had my children with a “P” man, and he has in the past fussed at me for being “just so J!!!” (I’m not, really. I can’t believe it’s unreasonably J to ask at noon if a person wants the children at 4 p.m. that day when that person has suggested he does.) Life is better as I lean into being P, going with the flow.

2) I really dig introverts. They challenge and fascinate me. The worse they are at functioning in the everyday world, the better I like them. The more they know about something I don’t know anything about, the better. I also dig eccentrics, many of whom fall into the first category, but not all.

3) I like to see my female friends one at a time. You will never see my getting my girlfriends together. They probably wouldn’t even like each other. Although I talk about how much I would like a RevGalBlogPals get-together, I probably really prefer the idea of meeting them one at a time. I think this has to do with my abandonment issues, the fear of losing one friend to another if they like each other better. (In high school, I remember introducing my favorite friend to a boy I liked and watching her walk off with his attention, which is doubly galling since she later came out as a lesbian!)

4) I have a morbid fear of sewing machines. My mother had an old Singer with the thing you jiggle with your leg: terrifying!! In a college theatre class, I had to learn to sew on a more contemporary model: unnerving!!! The instructor assigned me to sit on a stool and sew braid by hand onto the uniforms for the upcoming Gilbert and Sullivan production.

5) I adore hymns. I love most music (Just look in the sidebar for the contrasts in my current listening.), but hymns really do something for me. I love the four-part harmonies; I love participating in someone else’s experience of the divine; I love the familiarity of something I can sing with my eyes closed. I love the community nature of hymn-singing. I adore hymns.

Part of this meme is to tag five people: How about KathyR, Yankee Transplant, PPB, Scrivener and mc?

8 thoughts on “Five Idiosyncracies”

  1. I’m just reading along enjoying the Songbirdness of it all and then, wham, I’m memed.
    We had those leg-jiggle sewing machines in my 7th grade homemaking class. In fact, I should probably post about how I hated and feard Mrs. Sutton, my 7th grade sewing teacher.

  2. I love this post and wanted to tag you but LC got to you first.
    I, too, LOVE HYMNS and have many hymn CDs (I love John Rutter and the English style hymns) – my cd in my car is broken right now, but I love putting a hymn cd and singing to my heart’s content.
    I also prefer my girlfriends one at a time – however, there is a group of 4 of us that do get together, bottom line is that I do prefer them as you.
    I am an ENFP and P all over the place – my E is fading to the center at this point of my life. The man in my life is an I*FJ – from what I can tell, not sure of the S or N. I drive him nuts with my “P”ness. He also doesn’t quite understand the E part either. 🙂
    Fun to get to know you more !

  3. Phew, I missed the title the first time around and thought that I had to know my Meyers-Briggs type in order to play… What a relief. 🙂

  4. I love hymns. Love love love them! Group singing is, to me, the keynote of corporate worship – the point at which everyone in the congregation really is focusing their hearts and minds and spirits in perfect unity.
    Every time I go to a wedding in an unfamiliar denomination church, the first thing I do when I’m seated is check out the hynmnal. Sadly, most churches seem to have ditched the good stuff for contemporary songs because of the perception that the old hymns are stuffy.
    For me, singing something that was written in 1550 and has been in performance ever since gives me a greater sense of connection to the ongoing body of the church. But I guess I’m a geek.

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