Friends, if you haven’t read this older book of Marilynne Robinson’s, please do, because I have a selfish need to talk about it.
If you have read it, please share thoughts in the Comments box (and those who haven’t read it be warned there will likely be Spoilers).

10 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

  1. I’m with Phantom… though I think I read it in college. I’ve got to dig thru my damp basement and see if I’ve still got a copy kicking around.

  2. I read it over the summer and have put up a couple of quotes from it at my place. In fact, if I remember right there was a bit of discussion back then in my comment boxes. Hang on a sec …
    Oh, what I’m remember was one of those books memes. And the discussion re Housekeeping was mostly Phantom and me.
    I also, as you know, used a quote from it for my 9-11 post.
    Which is all just a long-winded way of saying I really liked the book a lot and would be happy to talk about it witcha.

  3. Pathetically, I didn’t get around to reading it for several more weeks. But once I started I could not stop. That passage you quoted is incredible; reading it is what reading 60% of Gilead was like for me. So much of the conversation we hear about religion is oppositional and moralistic; her description is so humane and relational. Brilliant and beautiful.

  4. Lawmom got me a copy of Gilead last week. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll get to start reading it before winter break.
    I thought Housekeeping was interesting and well-written for the first half, but not great. Then somewhere around halfway through, the whole thing really just got so much deeper. There were a a number of passages down the stretch that just took my breath away.

  5. I loved this book. I just read it this summer. I still haven’t read Gilead though and I have just a few weeks to get that done…maybe this week. I wish I had Housekeeping with me (it’s at work) as there is this breathtaking passage about not being alone…..I agree with Scrivener, the last several chapters were awesome.

  6. I was bowled over by her descriptions of the lake, and how what it contained of people affected its smell and taste. And of course the images of the town and the house flooding were particularly poignant under our current circumstances.

  7. I don’t know her work at all….not even sure she’s published over here. Do I deduce that I should be visiting amazon a.s.a.p.?

  8. Oh, yes, Kathryn. I think you would love her work.
    Speaking of Amazon, #1 Son just ordered the new George R.R. Martin book (see my wish list) from Amazon UK. It’s being released there about three weeks sooner than here. He told me to order it, too. I said, “How many copies do you think we need?” “At least two.” We did end up with two copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so this is not unprecedented, I suppose.

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