Short Story

As we’re listening to coverage of the Miers nomination to the Supreme Court–

The Princess: Mom, the President said because he picked her, we should just “trust” him. That’s not a good reason to pick someone for that job.

Songbird: I heard she says he’s the most intelligent man she’s ever known.

The Princess: She’s definitely not the right person for the job!!!

Songbird: It would seem to be the case.

The Princess: I didn’t really like John Kerry all that much; I wasn’t excited to have him be President. But at least he wouldn’t have been this dumb. It’s really too bad we haven’t had a woman President.

Songbird: Maybe when you grow up–

The Princess: Mom, I wouldn’t want that job.

8 thoughts on “Short Story”

  1. She’d have my vote, and would bring a definite sense of fashion to the high office.

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