Yesterday after school

Princess: I really didn’t eat much lunch.

Songbird: Why not?

Princess: Kelli had some goldfish crackers, and she shared them with me, and she poured them into my lunchbox. Then Abdi–not the old Abdi, the new  Abdi–

Songbird: There’s a new Abdi?

Princess: Yes, lots of the boys from Somalia are named Abdi. And most of them have the same last name:

Both: Mohammed.

(This is common knowledge in City By the Sea.)

Princess: Mohammed was someone in their religion, right? Like their God?

Songbird: More like their Jesus, a prophet.

Princess: So. New Abdi wanted some goldfish crackers, and he put his hand in my lunchbox and took some, and then I didn’t want my lunch anymore.

Songbird (fearing latent racism): Was there something wrong with his hand?

Princess (outraged): Mom!!! HE’S A BOY!!!  HE HAS COOTIES!!! 

14 thoughts on “Yesterday after school”

  1. ROFL
    just wait!!! my 13 year old daughter is now ‘in love’
    she keeps telling ME she loves me and then says ‘do you want to see his photo mummy?

  2. My son’s teacher reported that Monday he and the Abdi he sits next to in class, (see my previous blog), went through the lunch line with their arms around each other’s shoulders. No report on an food snatching or cooties. Meanwhile, Abdi’s younger brother is in my daughter’s kindergarten class. She reports that everytime he returns from the boys room, he is grinning and his head is wet from having dunked it under the running water. We are scratching OUR heads about this one . . .

  3. Gosh, yes, but they’re just turning brown and crunchy, no interesting colors at all. Poop-colored, that’s what they are, and you can imagine what that does to backyard clean-up!

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