Knit Without Ceasing

Meanwhile, I’m Knitting

Here is the Princess, in her first day of school outfit (which was really too hot for today’s weather), showing the world the Gryffindor sweater I’ve been working on for a while now. I’m on stripe 14 of 19, and then there are tassels to add. The Princess is planning to be a Sorceror’s Stone era Hermione for Halloween.

The yarn is Smart Superwash, and the pattern came from atypically knit.

I have also been working on a baby blanket; pictures to follow. It’s taking forever.

Updated to add: Of course this is a scarf, not a sweater. Sheesh. I have no excuses. It’s knit in a tube, then I will sew together the ends. I really do know the difference between a sweater and a scarf.