Domestics, Whining

Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed that the house never
looks dustier or grimier than on a day you aren’t feeling well?

I’m laid pretty low today with an unproductive cough and some crap rattling around in the left side of my chest. Every surface around me is covered with clutter. The end table holds Advil, telephones (regular and cell), remote control, adorable circle-of-cats candle holder almost totally covered by letter threatening to charge us for health insurance for #1 Son if I don’t file a waiver and a summer camp picture of #2 Son and friends, the insurance card I used to fill out the waiver form online, two subscription cards that fell out of The New Yorker, a sock, a rejected necktie,The Name of the Rose (the only book I managed to finish reading in this reading week given over to lice-related laundry), my darling little knitting scissors, a package of ponytail holders which appears to have exploded, a bottle of Poland Spring Water, end bits of Bernat Cottontots (could yarn have a cuter name?), an empty cup and, of course, the Lice Comb.

The electrical cord to my laptop is also feeling under the weather, or hates me, and keeps falling out of the computer.

Every time I think I’ve gotten comfortable, I start to cough.

I feel crappy.

At least one of the cats has fleas. I started to cry last night when The Princess asked me, “Mommy, do fleas have wings?” More laundry, and a huntdown of all three cats, ensued. But it’s totally my fault for not putting Frontline on them recently.

What’s that? Were you asking about my sermon? The one I’ve been thinking about all week? It’s so not written. My only hope is that I had already made some notes earlier in the week. I’m thinking of splitting the OT lesson and just doing the part about Shiprah and Puah, without moving on to Moses. It seems like this would be a good time to make up my mind, doesn’t it?

I could catalog the clutter on the coffee table, but that would be procrastinating. Also, I would have to sit up to really see it…