Blogger Meet-Ups

Blogger Meet-Up

Yesterday, Pure Luck, #2 Son, The Princess and I, along with Molly Dog and Sam Dog, hit the road for Bar Harbor, to have a visit with Phantom Scribbler and her family. We met on the Green just before noon and enjoyed a picnic lunch all together, then split up for the afternoon (guys and Sam hiking, girls and LG and Molly walking around town).

Within about two minutes of our arrival we were approached by someone who wanted to pet the dogs. This happened about 93 times over the next several hours. Phantom was very patient and gracious throughout all these interruptions.

It is true that they are very pettable. Molly actually called out, with a throaty “Wroo-Wroo,” to people she liked on sight. And Sam submitted to petting, too, both in town and while climbing Cadillac Mountain with Mr. Blue, Pure Luck and #2 Son. Their call from the top of the mountain requesting a pick-up was all to do with Sam, no reflection on our valiant hikers.

The Scribbler/Blue offspring are immeasurably adorable! Pure Luck was completely charmed when Baby Blue, crawling tentatively in his direction, stopped and sat and waved to him. (And this is a guy who isn’t generally charmed by small children.) She stole my heart when she reached over to touch my hair, smiling all the time. But the sweetest thing had to be the way she sang herself to sleep in the backpack while we walked.

And then there’s LG, a little boy with a big vocabulary and an imaginative and thoughtful approach to the world. We girls and LG were walking through town when LG announced, “I like the smell of clean, fresh air!” That was pretty cute. But half a block later, as a truck pulled into a parking lot ahead of us, he said, “I *don’t* like the smell of vehicles.” I agree, LG!! And when he tired of all the walking, he stomped his sneakers against the pavement to “put more air” into them. I wish I could!

We visited the famous Ben and Bill’s ice cream place. I passed on their Lobster flavor and enjoyed the delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. To prove her sophistication, The Princess had Tiramisu gelato. When I was 10, I wouldn’t have known what either of them was!

In front of the ice cream place, I let Pure Luck take over the dog description duties. “They are 2 and 3.” “No, they are not twins.” “Yes, they shed quite a lot.” “About 120 pounds.” “No, they are not Saint Bernards.” “No, they don’t bite.” (Now, why would you take two enormous dogs out in a crowd of vacationers if they liked to bite?)

The car ride was long, but amusing, as we talked about any number of things. As I was dozing in the passenger seat on the way home, #2 Son and The Princess talked about school and girls/boys. I wish I had that on tape! It was just fun to be on a trip and to spend time with these new, wonderful friends.

We want to do this every summer!